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Typical Basilisk

Agility 2D: brawling 3D+ 2, dodge 4D, firearms: paralyzing blast 3D+2, running 6D

Mechanical 0D

Strength 3D+2

Knowledge 1D: survival: desert 3D

Perception 4D: search 4D+1

Technical 0D

Strength Damage: 2D

Fate Points: 0


Character Points: 0

Body Points: 21 Wound Levels: 3

Natural Abilities: paralyzing blast (damage 3D and paralyzes victim; victim may attempt to shake off the effects once per round – as an action – by making a Knowledge, Strength, Stamina, or Willpower roll against the attack total; lead and other radiation-thwarting materials reduce or negate this attack); bite (damage +2D; +5 to combat difficulty); claws (damage +2D+2); radiation resistance (+3D to stamina or damage resistance rolls to resist effects of radiation); radiation sense (+5D to search for detecting radioactive materials); large size (scale value 3). Continue reading Basilisks