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Life takes a myriad of forms as it graces the universe and sometimes even creatures with the most benign appearance may have quite formidable powers when cornered. At first glance, the meek valdusians look to be nothing more than a harmless, avian oddity to be dismissed as an obscure link in the food chain, yet another humble herbivore that’s content to merely ride the winds as they continue their daily search for flowering plants. Something to be ignored as a bit of local flavor and nothing to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!


Although space lures countless explorers to the heavens with its wonder and mystery, the watery realms of many worlds have much to offer those who would explore their silent depths. It’s here, in the undersea majesty of the merciless, aquatic kingdom, that the sustari seek to evade those who would feed upon them as they fight a never ending battle for survival. Those that live through the perils of their native environment are rewarded with the right to renew their species; the cycle of life is renewed through their brood.


In the most inhospitable environment ever known – space – only a very few life forms exist without the cradle of technology to protect them. Most are small, even microscopic, bur there is a truly colossal creature that graces the cosmos, the starwhal. While only vaguely resembling a whale of the seas, it has the same elegance and elicits a similar nautical sentiment as their namesakes.


Centuries ago, scientists in a desolate, secret research facility on a moon in the Olthalon system felt they were nearing a dynamic breakthrough in dark-matter research. Soon, unlimited power would be theirs as long-guarded secret began to unravel before their eager, inquisitive eyes. Then, just as the truth was nearly within their grasp, disaster chose that precise moment to strike as ravenous dimensional energies slipped their bonds and ran amok while their would-be masters cowered in fear. In the blink of an eye, the terrible energy engulfed the hapless questers, and soon their lunar home gave birth to an interstellar terror when something not of this universe passed through the newborn dimensional rift and began to feed upon its new home. As it consumed the laboratory and the moon it rested upon, the creature grew and began to feed on the system’s planets. However, as it closed in upon the solar morsel, cosmic justice screamed out and the creature’s audacity could no longer be ignored. In one final moment of defiance, the beleaguered system’s sun went supernova!

Grotto Gatherers

Of all the bizarre forms of life that struggle to survive the oft-hostile subterranean world, the humble grotto gatherer has mystified many environmental scientists who have studied them. Although scientists lack many of the facts of their origin, they agree the highly adaptable creature is an apparent visitor to this part of the galaxy. It appears that its “seeds” are highly resistant to temperature and pressure, so it’s likely that, first, comets and, later, space transports carried it through space. Once the seeds hit atmosphere, if the combination of air, moisture, and gravity is within a certain tolerance range, the seeds begin to develop into new oozes, which immediately make their way to the nearest subterranean entrances. Most immature gatherers never make it. However, unlike other star tossed, circumstantial strangers to known space, the grotto gatherer seems to benefit its adopted worlds and has quickly adjusted to life on many alien worlds.