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“Tricks” are ways to manipulate an opponent or an ally so that they take action or do not take action. Sun Tzu says that all warfare is based on deception, but that doesn’t seem to suit this context. Rather than forcing a position or stance – which would be a physical action – the goal here is to cause the opponent/ally to use their action to adopt it.

What actions do we want to provoke? Mathematically, we are seeking to: enhance defense, enhance offense, or control actions. Savage Worlds allows only two tricks: taunt, intimidate; 5e doesn’t leave room for any kind of tricks like this.

In general, a skill that boosts another skill does so by making an action and then adding one-half of the success or failure to the boosted skill. (see “charm” skill examples in the main rules) The bonus/penalty is then applied to the very next use of the skill. Charm, Con, and Intimidate are the rulebook examples. Command should be added to these for use on allies. I think that covers the offense/defense portion nicely.

But what about forced actions? This is a pass/fail check instead of graduated check. I think it still works out. The four skills are based on reaction (charm, intimidate) and relationship (con, command).

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