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    I love the Star Wars Lego material. I like the cartoons. I like building the models. I like playing the video game. I think there ought to be a way to do Star Wars Lego in a TTRPG.

    So here’s a start, the first of four main attributes and its associated skills.

    Main Attribute

    Might – Might describes a character’s physical ability to fight with others, move or destroy heavy objects, resist damage, and hurl things with force and accuracy. Mighty characters tend to be larger than normal.

    Might Skills

    Scuffle – Star Wars Lego characters don’t fight so much as scuffle. The whole body is used for leverage as the characters flip, twist, and strike in an effort to knock the studs out of their opponent. Scuffle is the action skill used when two characters fight in personal combat, for both weapon and unarmed combat. Scuffle is opposed by Scuffle.

    Smash – The best way to get ahold of bricks and studs is to smash things. Master Builders can then put those bricks and studs to good use. It’s a Lego world, not everything can be smashed, but every target is worth trying! Smash is the effect skill used to destroy things, move heavy objects, and roll for damage in personal combat. Smash is resisted by Stamina.

    Stamina – When a hero gets knocked down, they get back up again. Characters with a high stamina are able to perform feats of endurance and athleticism. Tough characters can endure punishment and perform impressive physical feats. Stamina is the effect skill used to resist damage, swim, climb, and resist environmental effects. Stamina resists Smash.

    Throwing – Any character can toss things. Characters skilled in throwing things are able to place objects with accuracy and force on their target. Certain weapons may be thrown to cause damage. Ropes and grapnels latch onto things. Buttons, switches, and levers may all be triggered from a distance with a well thrown brick or stud. Throwing is the action skill used to target one object with another in an attempt to create a specific effect. Throwing is opposed by Acrobat.

    Chewbacca is a character with a high Might attribute. He lifts heavy cargo crates and smashes his way through walls. He is fearsome in combat, known for pulling arms out of their sockets, which incidentally is why he wins so many games of Dejarik.


    Second attribute for Star Wars #lego write-up. The second physical attribute is Agility.

    Main Attribute

    Agility – Agility describes a character’s ability to move with speed and balance, their hand-eye coordination, and the ability to move smoothly and surely. Agile characters are great at getting into difficult places and manipulating fine components.

    Agility Skills

    Acrobat – An acrobat can jump higher, run faster, and dodge quicker than unskilled characters. They are light on their feet and use that mobility to their best advantage. A skilled acrobat can leap over obstacles, soar between handholds, and duck under cover. Acrobat is the effect skill used to dodge an attack, cross difficult terrain, and perform athletic feats.

    Shoot – Blasters, bowcasters, stunners, and other guns all use the shooting skill. Skilled shooters draw faster and aim better than their opponents. They learn to anticipate a target’s movement and place shots both for best damage and to create other effects. Shoot is the action skill used to fire a weapon of any kind, including ship weapons.

    Sneak – Sneaking around, hiding out, and getting into places unseen is the province of sneaky characters. Characters who sneak learn to take advantage of concealment, blend into the environment, and go unnoticed in general. Sneak is the action skill used to move through or into an area without being observed or tripping alarms and sensors.

    Thievery – Thieves are legendary for their light fingers and ability to undo knots and escape traps. Skilled thieves can manipulate gaming cards, control the roll of the dice, and pick pockets through misdirection and sleight of hand. Thievery is the effect skill to determine how well a character performs precision actions of all kinds.

    Darth Maul is a character with a high Agility score. Whether he is leaping from catwalks or ledges, Maul isn’t bothered by heights or treacherous footing. Even on crowded Coruscant, Maul throws on a hood and slips by in the shadows. And why merely cross a room when you can somersault across it?

    BTW – I’m unhappy with “Thievery” as a skill title. It doesn’t convey a whimsical feel to me. I want to keep it simple, so “Legerdemain” is out. I almost went with “Sleight of Hand” but that felt too limiting. Thoughts?


    Third attribute and skills for Star Wars #lego The third main attribute is Wit.

    Main Attribute

    Wit – Wit describes a character’s charisma, attention to detail, and people skills. Most interactions with animals and other characters will depend on how they use their wits. Witty characters understand not only the relationships between others but how all things are connected.

    Wit Skills

    Bluster – Characters employ bluster to talk their way into and out of trouble, bluff their way through a blockade or a card game, and convince others that things aren’t quite the way they might seem to be. These characters are able to keep their cool under pressure and answer every question in a cool and collected manner. Bluster is the action skill used when two characters attempt to influence each other’s decisions and actions, or when one character attempts to influence a crowd. Bluster is opposed by Bluster.

    Charm – Smooth operators seem to blend into any surrounding with ease and comfort. Charming characters have a strong personality and are able to more effectively exert their will on both crowds and individuals. Charm is the effect skill used when drawing a reaction from another character, either charming or frightening. Charm is resisted by Courage.

    Courage – Heroes know what they believe and why they believe it. They have the courage of their convictions and the self-confidence that comes from a secure knowledge of their place in the world. Courage is the effect skill used to resist attempts to charm or frighten a character’s actions. Courage resists Charm.

    Search – Adventures can depend on finding lost objects and spotting hidden items. Searching an area lets a character spot anything that is out of place or unusual. Search is the action skill used to locate hidden objects or people. Search is opposed by Sneak or by Thievery.

    Han Solo is a character with a high Wit score. Even Princess Leia admits that Han has more courage than common sense. His combination of self-confidence and a winning smile inspires others to believe in his potential. He may or may not be quite as skilled at Sabacc as he thinks he is, but he still manages to talk his way out of trouble … every time.


    Fourth and final normal attribute for Star Wars #lego This one is Tech.

    Main Attribute

    Tech – Tech is an important part of the Star Wars universe. Buildings, gear, and vehicles need to be put together and reinvented as well as smashed into bricks and studs. Characters need to be able to use their creations as well. Tech-based characters will be able to operate vehicles, computers, and complex systems as well as create new things from component parts.

    Tech Skills

    Pilot – A good pilot can fly anything, from landspeeders to tramp freighters and every snub fighter in between. Skilled pilots learn to maneuver for best advantage in combat, dodge obstacles, and slip past blockades. Pilot is the action skill used to maneuver vehicles in and out of combat and through obstacle courses. Pilot is opposed by Pilot.

    Build – Building new things out of basic bricks and studs is a foundational part of Lego stories. Master Builders know how to take the pieces of their world and transform them into something weird and wonderful. Build is the effect skill used to make gear, vehicles, and scenery. Build resists Smash.

    Systems – Starships and space stations both use complex information handling systems to provide security and keep order. Systems is the action skill used to change the way something works without smashing and rebuilding it, and it is the skill used to run scanners and hack into computers. Systems is opposed by Systems.

    Operations – Putting things together is one thing. Making it all work together is something else entirely. Master Builders need to be adept not only at using their own creations but in puzzling out the workings of mysterious objects. Operations is the effect skill used with a vehicle to resist damage and in the usage or disabling of a machine. Operations resists vehicle damage.

    Anakin Skywalker is a character with a high Tech score. Anakin has been known to build droids and podracers from scraps and misfit parts. He’s never met an engine he couldn’t tinker with, and even though Master Obi-Wan hates flying, even he acknowledges that Anakin is the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy.

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