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    I love the Star Wars Lego material. I like the cartoons. I like building the models. I like playing the video game. I think there ought to be a way to do Star Wars Lego in a TTRPG.

    So here’s a start, the first of four main attributes and its associated skills.

    Main Attribute

    Might – Might describes a character’s physical ability to fight with others, move or destroy heavy objects, resist damage, and hurl things with force and accuracy. Mighty characters tend to be larger than normal.

    Might Skills

    Scuffle – Star Wars Lego characters don’t fight so much as scuffle. The whole body is used for leverage as the characters flip, twist, and strike in an effort to knock the studs out of their opponent. Scuffle is the action skill used when two characters fight in personal combat, for both weapon and unarmed combat. Scuffle is opposed by Scuffle.

    Smash – The best way to get ahold of bricks and studs is to smash things. Master Builders can then put those bricks and studs to good use. It’s a Lego world, not everything can be smashed, but every target is worth trying! Smash is the effect skill used to destroy things, move heavy objects, and roll for damage in personal combat. Smash is resisted by Stamina.

    Stamina – When a hero gets knocked down, they get back up again. Characters with a high stamina are able to perform feats of endurance and athleticism. Tough characters can endure punishment and perform impressive physical feats. Stamina is the effect skill used to resist damage, swim, climb, and resist environmental effects. Stamina resists Smash.

    Throwing – Any character can toss things. Characters skilled in throwing things are able to place objects with accuracy and force on their target. Certain weapons may be thrown to cause damage. Ropes and grapnels latch onto things. Buttons, switches, and levers may all be triggered from a distance with a well thrown brick or stud. Throwing is the action skill used to target one object with another in an attempt to create a specific effect. Throwing is opposed by Acrobat.

    Chewbacca is a character with a high Might attribute. He lifts heavy cargo crates and smashes his way through walls. He is fearsome in combat, known for pulling arms out of their sockets, which incidentally is why he wins so many games of Dejarik.

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