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Good to see you, Gary!

In the very first D6 System book, the Rules As Written required every GM to first decide what attributes and skills they wanted to use in the game and how those attributes and skills would be linked. It didn’t even provide a “standard” list, just a list from which to choose.

The main rules are solid and don’t need to change, but I’m dissatisfied with the attribute and skill lists of Adventure/Fantasy/Space. So I’m working on an alternate build!

Why not use Swords & Wizardry, Castles & Crusades, etc? Those are excellent systems with thriving communities. I run a weekly Castles & Crusades game already! But I like the way OpenD6 handles interactions and I want to do more with it. It is my feeling that as long as the basic interactive structure of the game is the same (Making Actions, etc) then changing the skills around – even their use – does not depart from OpenD6.

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