Genre Conversion

Because the skill resolution and damage mechanics are the same in all of the genres, the only parts you need to convert are skills and attributes.

As with all conversions, this one gives you a starting point. Once you’ve made the conversion, you may want to move some pips around, so that they better reflect your idea of that character’s or creature’s abilities.

Base Attributes

The attributes used in Space do not corresponding directly to the attributes specified in Adventure or Fantasy. The accompanying tables offer the best and quickest equivalents for each attribute. The top one is for characters, and the bottom one is for non-sentient beings, such as animals and monsters.

Base Skills

Some skills convert smoothly from one genre to another, though you might need to move them from one attribute to another. With others, one genre rules set represents them with one skill while another uses two or more. (For example, all of the interface/repair skills in Space translate to repair in Adventure.) The Skill Conversion List offers the best fit listed first, followed by other options should you want to have a “contemporary” version of the character or creature.

When you have to move a skill from one attribute to another or split the skill among multiple abilities, you need to know the number of skill adds. You can figure out this by subtracting the old skill from its governing attribute. This is the value of the skill adds for that skill. (Remember that three pips equal one die.)

Example: Running is under Agility in Space and Physique in Fantasy. If your Space character has 4D+1 in running and 2D+2 in Agility, she has 10+2 skill adds in running, which you add to her Fantasy Physique.

If two or more skills translate to a single skill in the new genre, there are two methods of handling this:

1. The new genre’s single skill receives the skill adds from the highest skill in the old genre. If this is a player’s character, reserve the other dice for skills that equate to two or more skills in the new genre. Extra dice that cannot be used to purchase skills may be converted to Character Points on a one pip for one point basis. For Game Master’s characters, ignore the extra dice.

2. The new genre’s single skill receives the skill adds from the lowest skill in the old genre. Other skills equivalent to the new skill become specializations of the new skill with specialization bonuses equal to the difference between the single skill’s die code and the old skill’s die code (minimum of +1). This is best for Game Master’s characters where you aren’t concerned about the total number of dice used to make the character.

If the old skill equates to multiple different skills in the new genre, either put all dice into the skill that best fits the character concept or divide the dice from the old skill among the various skills. If you have dice leftover from converting multiple skills to a single skill, you may divide the extra dice among the multiple new skills.

You can, of course, add any skill from any genre to any other genre, if you think that it will get sufficient use in your adventures to warrant including it as a separate ability.

Extranormal Attributes and Skills

Extranormal attributes and skills can be ported as-is to the new genre set.

Attribute Conversions

For Characters
For Creatures
  1. Creatures with 0D in Mechanical or Technical get 1D in the attribute being converted to.
  2. When translating from Adventure or Fantasy, creatures get Knowledge/Intellect -1D in Technical, with a minimum of 0D (not +l or +2).

Skill Conversion List

acrobatics (Agility)acrobatics, contortion (Reflexes)acrobatics, contortion (Agility)
aliens (Knowledge)scholar (Knowledge)scholar or cultures (Intellect)
artist (Perception)artist (Perception)artist (Acumen)
astrography (Knowledge)scholar, navigation (Knowledge)scholar, navigation (Intellect)
bargain (Perception)persuasion (Presence)persuasion (Charisma)
brawling (Agility)brawling (Reflexes)lighting (Agility)
bureaucracy (Knowledge)scholar (Knowledge)scholar or cultures (Intellect)
business (Knowledge)business (Knowledge)trading (Intellect)
climb/jump (Strength)climbing, jumping (Reflexes)climbing, jumping (Agiliry)
comm (Mechanical)tech (Knowledge)devices (Intellect)
command (Perception)command (Presence)command (Charisma)
con (Perception)con, disguise (Presence)bluff, disguise (Charisma)
cultures (Knowledge)scholar (Knowledge)cultures (Intellect)
demolitions (Technical)demolition (Knowledge)traps (Intellect)
dodge (Agility)dodge (Reflexes)dodge (Agility)
exoskeleton operation (Mechanical)piloting (Coordination)charioteering (Mechanical)
firearms (Agility)marksmanship (Coordination)marksmanship (Coordination)
flying/0G (Agility)flying (Reflexes)flying (Agility)
forgery (Perception)forgery (Knowledge)reading/writing (Intellect), artist (Acumen)
gambling (Perception)gambling (Perception)gambling (Acumen)
gunnery (Mechanical)marksmanship (Coordination)marksmanship (Coordination)
hide (Perception)hide (Perception)hide (Acumen)
intimidation (Knowledge)intimidation (Presence)intimidation (Charisma)
investigation (Perception)investigation (Perception)investigation (Acumen)
know-how (Perception)know-how (Perception)know-how (Acumen)
languages (Knowledge)languages (Knowledge)speaking, reading/writing (Intellect)
lift (Strength)lifting (Physique)lifting (Physique)
medicine (Technical)medicine (Knowledge)healing (Intellect)
melee combat (Agility)melee combat (Reflexes)melee combat (Agility)
missile weapons (Agility)missile weapons (Coordination)marksmanship (Coordination)
navigation (Mechanical)navigation (Knowledge)navigation (Intellect)
persuasion (Perception)persuasion, charm, animal handling (Presence)persuasion, charm, animal handling (Charisma)
piloting (Mechanical)piloting (Coordination)charioteering (Coordination)
riding (Agility)riding (Reflexes), animal handling (Presence)riding (Agility), animal handling (Charisma)
running (Agility)running (Physique)running (Physique)
scholar (Knowledge)scholar (Knowledge)scholar (Intellect)
search (Perception)search, tracking (Perception)search, tracking (Acumen)
security (Technical)security (Knowledge)traps (Intellect)
security regulations (Knowledge)security (Knowledge)scholar, cultures (Intellect)
sensors (Mechanical)tech (Knowledge)devices ( Intellect)
shields (Mechanical)tech (Knowledge)devices (Intellect)
sleight of hand (Agility)sleight of hand, lockpicking (Coordination)sleight of hand, lockpicking (Coordination)
sneak (Perception)sneak (Reflexes)stealth (Agility)
stamina (Strength)stamina (Physique)stamina (Physique)
streetwise (Knowledge)streetwise (Perception)streetwise (Acumen)
survival (Knowledge)survival (Perception)survival (Acumen)
swim (Strength)swimming (Physique)swimming (Physique)
tactics (Knowledge)scholar (Knowledge), command (Presence)scholar (Intellect), command (Charisma)
throwing (Agility)throwing (Coordination)throwing (Coordination)
vehicle operation (Mechanical)piloting (Coordination)charioteering, pilotry (Coordination)
willpower (Knowledge)willpower (Presence)mettle (Charisma)
interface/repair skills (Technical)tech (Knowledge)devices (Intellect)
repair only skills (Technical)repair (Perception)crafting (Acumen)

Equipment Availability

Because all of the equipment uses the same basic attributes, it is compatible between genres without alterations. This does not mean all equipment is equally available in every genre. Space ships and sci-fi equipment should be 2x, 5x, or even 10x the cost in an Adventure campaign- if it is available at all! In a typical Adventure game, Fantasy magic items are more likely to be the object of a quest than sold on the market.

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