FreeD6 Engine

A work in progress.

A completely free and comprehensive version of the OpenD6 family.

Playing the Game

The Pillars of Gaming – three ways characters interact with the game.

More in progress……

Change Log

In building FreeD6, I want to address some of my pain points with “classic” OpenD6. As always, a work in progress and subject to change:

-Problem: the Open Game License has proven to have some areas of uncertainty and is possibly vulnerable to legal action.

+Fix: a manuscript that uses original language to communicate the rules so that copyright concerns fail to meet de minimis standards.

-Problem: inconsistent referential language in regards to attributes, abilities, skills, powers, and ranks.

+Fix: this is mainly an editorial process.

-Problem: the division of advantages and drawbacks into a separate system from the core mechanic.

+Fix: advantages and drawbacks have been removed. The same elements are now incorporated as 1) elements of the narrative background that either provide or consume luck points, and 2: normal or extranormal abilities attached to a die code.

-Problem: the system requires customization before it can be played, in the form of choosing Body Points vs Wound Levels, in applying result points, and in using different attribute/skill spreads between the genre builds.

+Fix: the ability spread has been standardized, and condition tracks are used for all resolution mechanics.

-Problem: some skills and abilities are not associated with any form of conflict resolution or mechanical production. For example: Knowledge skills let you roll to “see how much you know on a subject,” but provide no actionable abilities and cannot be used in a tactical way.

+Fix: “knowledge” and similar elements are now handled as part of the background narrative and do not require a player to expend skill points on them. Every ability (skill) in the game must be able to be used in a way that tactically affects the dice game.

-Problem: some mechanics, such as “scale”, “related skills”, and “combat” require multiple checks and math resolutions in order to execute a single action in the game.

+Fix: mechanics have been streamlined through the use of fixed values for initiative and defense, new buff/debuff mechanics, and making scale a narrative device

-Problem: I don’t have enough ways to play with the dice.

+Fix: additional dice rolling mechanics give me more excuses to pick up and throw the dice or do other things with them. I haven’t decided what all this will include, and I’m leery of adding unneeded complexity.

-Problem: I can’t find a game that gives me a way to do social interactions, investigations, heists, or chases in a way that I find satisfying and interesting.

+Fix: guess I’ll have to come up with something!

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