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When encountered, these rare, shapeshifting hive aliens show a keen interest in learning about and mimicking other species. Their seeming innocence might have resulted from some ancient sentence passed on the species in retribution for some monstrous crime abusing its shapechanging abilities.

Typical Cree-va

Agility 3D+2: dodge 4D+2, running 4D+2, sleight of hand 5D+2

Mechanical 2D

Strength 3D: climb/jump 4D

Knowledge 3D+1: survival 5D+1

Perception 4D: hide 5D+2, con 6D, investigation 7D, know- how 7D

Technical 2D

Strength Damage: 2D

Fate Points: 2

Body Points: 19

Move: 10

Character Points: 5

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Cultural Unfamiliarity (R3), unfamiliar with the cultures of most sentient species; Enemy (R3), hunted by government agencies for research purposes; Prejudice (R1), experiences discrimination from others suspicious of motives if ide11tified as a shapeshifter; Quirk (R1), has a habit of picking up items assumed to be communal property; Quirk (R2), must conceal shapeshifring abilities

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Attack Resistance: Physical (R1), hive physiology provides +1D to damage resistance totals against physical attacks; Elasticity (R1), gains +1D to acrobatics, dodge, or sleight of hand totals, and con totals when disguising its appearance; Quick Study (R6), for all attributes; Master of Disguise (R1), +5 to disguising attempts and +1D to interaction rolls related to being in that disguise; Shapeshifting (R6), can shift between the form of a blob and various humanoid shapes with Restricted (R3), does not redistribute attribute dice to match the new form

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