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Barathax Military Trainer Template

Species: Barathax

Occupation: Military Trainer

Agility 3D+2

Mechanical 2D+2

Strength 2D+2

Knowledge 3D

Perception 3D+2

Technical 2D+1

Funds 3D

Credits 525

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 1D

Move 10

Body Points 32

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 19-25

Wounded / 12-18

Severely Wounded / 6-11

Incapacitated / 3-5

Mortally Wounded / 1-2

Dead / 0

Equipment: needler pistol (damage 30; range 25/75/150; ammo 50); worn syntheleather mesh long-coat (Armor Value +10); cred-key

Disadvantages: Enemy (R2), wanted dead or alive as a traitor of the Barathax; Hindrance; Arrogance (R2), + 3 to con and persuasion difficulties; Hindrance: Reduced Hardiness (R2), -2 to damage resistance totals; Quirk (Rl), must make a Moderate willpower roll to overcome dislike of cold temperatures or be at +2 to all difficulties until warm again, Quirk (R2), make a Difficult willpower roll to be wet or will do nothing until dry.

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Enhanced Sense: Sight (Rl), +1 to sight-based skill totals; Enhanced Sense: Hearing (Rl),+l to hearing-based skill totals; Extra Body Part: Tail (Rl); Skill Bonus: Agility (Rl), + 1 to acrobatics, climb /jump, and dodge totals; Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Claws (Rl), + lD damage.

Description: Your parents say that you spent too much time alone as a scout among soft aliens, and that’s why you’ve rejected your own people. You now seek out potential victims of the Barathax in the hopes of training them to defend themselves against possible attacks.


Typical Basilisk

Agility 2D: brawling 3D+ 2, dodge 4D, firearms: paralyzing blast 3D+2, running 6D
Mechanical 0D
Strength 3D+2
Knowledge 1D: survival: desert 3D
Perception 4D: search 4D+1
Technical 0D
Strength Damage: 2D
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 0
Body Points: 21
Wound Levels: 3

Natural Abilities: paralyzing blast (damage 3D and paralyzes victim; victim may attempt to shake off the effects once per round – as an action – by making a Knowledge, Strength, Stamina, or Willpower roll against the attack total; lead and other radiation-thwarting materials reduce or negate this attack); bite (damage +2D; +5 to combat difficulty); claws (damage +2D+2); radiation resistance (+3D to stamina or damage resistance rolls to resist effects of radiation); radiation sense (+5D to search for detecting radioactive materials); large size (scale value 3).


The people of Earth have given the galaxy many gifts and innovations; of them, the borkine is certainly the most dubious. Created during the early colonial period of Terran expansion, chis beast of many burdens is a genetically engineered amalgamation of several Terran species of herd and farm animal, including cows, horses, camels, pigs, alpacas, sheep, and many others. It’s designed to live anywhere people can live, and thrive in a number of environments effectively. The original name of this creature was the “OmniBeast” but over the centuries the term “borkine” has come to be the common moniker through interstellar legend and the proliferation of “bork” based food produces.


Some say that to look upon the chalsamar is to view the face of the Creator. These crystalline creatures have evoked both wonder and awe among those who gaze upon the heavens, but they amazingly still remain an enigmatic force. Although there have been few recorded sightings in known history, scientists, sages, and a growing number of learned folk feel these beings could be as old as the universe and may have been given life when the early universe to form heavenly bodies. Many cults on remote space colonies worship the chalsamar as divine harbingers, and they sacrifice “infidels” to stay their “righteous” wrath.

Charybdis Devourer

Space holds innumerable dangers to overcome in traversing its vast expanse, but none are as insidiously dedicated to destruction as the silent hunter known as the charybdis devourer. Floating through space, these creatures, which appear to be mere asteroids, are in truth predators of the void seeking any solid matter they can find for sustenance. They hunt through the appearance of harmlessness and calculated manipulation of the force of gravity to bring both starships and minor astral bodies to their doom.

Dealer Merchant Template

Species: Dealer

Occupation: Merchant

Agility 2D+1

Mechanical 2D+1

Strength 2D+1

Knowledge 3D+2

Perception 4D+1

Technical 2D

Funds 4D

Credits 700

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 1D

Move 10

Body Points 30

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 18-24

Wounded / 12-17

Severely Wounded / 6-11

Incapacitated / 3-5

Mortally Wounded / 1-2

Dead / 0

Equipment:  Legal PAD (stores contracts and takes biometric and cellular data of contract signees}; personal blaster (damage 3D; range 4/8/12; shots 6); cred-key.

Disadvantages: Cultural Unfamiliarity (Rl); Debt (R3), owes significant resources to creator; Devotion (R3), to fair trade and interactions; Enemy (R2), an enemy of one of your clients is after you; Hindrance: Limited Regenerative Properties (R8), -8 to damage resistance totals; Hindrance: Uncreative (RS), +6 to all Technical-related difficulties involving improving or inventing technology; Quirk (R3}, always insist on background checks of potential clients, which has caused you to lose contracts.

Advantages: Fame (R3), member of fair and honest merchant race.

Special Abilities: Atmospheric Tolerance (Rl), airless environments, with Additional Effect (R3), need not breathe; Attack Resistance: Mental (R2), +2D to resistance totals against mental harm; Immortality (Rl), will cease to function if back up is erased or cannot be put into new body, with Additional Effect (R3), does not need to rest unless injured, eat, or breathe; and Price (Rl), requires Legendary Funds (posthumously) to activate; Immunity (RS), +5D to Strength or stamina checks against illness or poison; Iron Will (R3), +3D to all willpower rolls and +6 to standard interaction difficulties.

Description: A relatively new Dealer (only a few hundred years old), you inadvertently gained an enemy when you helped broker a deal for food and medical supplies. Now, you studiously check all potential clients to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. You haven’t made friends this way, but you just might live to pay your Life Debt.

Dire Lurkers

Of all the creatures that shun the light of the sun and cling to the darkness of the subterranean world, none have the cunning nor the murderous instinct of the dread, diabolical predator known as the dire lurker. These fiendish creatures use their ability to cloak themselves in darkness to mask their approach when stalking prey. When not on the hunt, they prefer to hide amid stalactites of vaulted cavern ceilings while scanning their subterranean realm for the next victim to toy with. The netherworld horrors have been known to pursue prey for days and sometimes pass up quick kills in order to wear down their intended targets before finishing chem off. People who have been fortunate to survive the attack of a dire lurker claimed the beast seemed co feed off their fear. It’s unknown as to whether the creatures physically devour the terror they cause or are merely fulfilling sadistic desires, bur some speculate that the sole survivors of groups who were slain by dire lurkers were purposely left alive co tell of their experience. In any case, people do not enter their domain without good reason.