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Advanced Humans

Sometimes, one encounters a person who is at the peak of their physical and mental capabilities. They are stronger, faster, and smarter than all chose around them. Such individuals are rare and can often have a tremendous impact on people and situations around chem. History certainly takes note of such men and women, and in the modern era, the media showers them with attention and affection. Some attain this peak status through physical conditioning, whereas others are simply blessed with natural gifts beyond those of their peers. Read the Full Article

Alien Hunters

The cosmos is populated by many interstellar
civilizations. These advanced aliens have long ago
mastered the secrets of science and travel across
the incerstellar void with ease. Such beings would
scoff at humanity’s claim to universal supremacy.
To many of them, the residents of earth are little
more than a primitive annoyance to be avoided at
all coses. Unfortunately for humanity, the Ularr are
the exception to the rule because they have found
reason to endure the trek to earth. Homo sapien life
fulfils a special need for them. These intergalactic
travelers are relentless hunters, and the people of
Earth make excellent prey! Read the Full Article


Long before the birth of human civilization, the Utopian society of Atlantis existed in peace with their world. These people were masters of science, who ushered in a golden age of enlightenment that brought an end to poverty, war, and strife. As centuries passed, each new generation delved further into the secrets of creation, and their knowledge grew. Soon, nothing would be beyond their grasp. They would possess the power of the gods and bring peace to the universe! Read the Full Article

Benevolent Entities

Although their chosen form may vary, there are many people who believe in the existence of benevolent entities such as “guardian angels.” These beings send their aid to help humanity from beyond the waking world. They watch over individuals, aid causes, or calm troubled souls. Theirs is the power to right wrongs and ensure that an otherwise ordinary person is not overlooked by destiny. Thus, one may encounter these creatures in any time or locale. Read the Full Article

Big Media

The arrival of the Gutenberg press in 1450 would forever change how information was shared because this invention made it possible to rapidly produce printed material. The breakthrough hastened technological progress and gave birth to new industries as it made the world a much smaller place. Unfortunately, it also set the stage for the monster that would eventually become “big media” to emerge. As time passed, its spawn, the paparazzi arose and reared its ugly head. Those who fell under its merciless gaze would never be the same again. Read the Full Article

Carnivorous Fish

Barracudas are sleek fish chat dwell in warm, tropical waters but are sometimes found in temperate regions. These small scaled, nocturnal predators have two well separated dorsal fins. Their jutting lower jaw supports an enormous mouth that’s lined with many large, sharp teeth. They run from 1.2 to 1.8 meters in length and dine almost exclusively on smaller fish. Nearly 20 species offish belong to the barracuda family. All are typically bold, curious, dauntless creatures who have been known to attack swimmers and are attracted to shiny objects. Read the Full Article