Alien Hunters

The cosmos is populated by many interstellar
civilizations. These advanced aliens have long ago
mastered the secrets of science and travel across
the incerstellar void with ease. Such beings would
scoff at humanity’s claim to universal supremacy.
To many of them, the residents of earth are little
more than a primitive annoyance to be avoided at
all coses. Unfortunately for humanity, the Ularr are
the exception to the rule because they have found
reason to endure the trek to earth. Homo sapien life
fulfils a special need for them. These intergalactic
travelers are relentless hunters, and the people of
Earth make excellent prey!

The Ularr are bipedal creatures that are slightly
shorter than a fully matured human. They have
lithe bodies with spongy, pale skin; deep set, dark
eyes; and deadly fangs. From a distance, they could
pass as human, but once one looks into the eyes of
these heartless beings, there’s no doubt that they are
without human mercy and are in all ways alien.

Before embarking upon a chase, the Ularr typically
make an extensive scan of their prospective hunting
ground. Once this has been completed, objectives
have been established, and the rendezvous point set,
they hurtle through space toward their prey. At this
point, all communication with their homeworld is
cut off and they face the elements alone. Those that
fail to reach the appoinced pickup site are abandoned
because such beings are of no worth to their brethren
and natural selection has done the Ularr the favor
by eliminating them. It’s this sportsman’s mentality
coupled with the alien’s choice of using near primitive
weapons that makes the hunters mortal and gives
their prey a fighting chance.

Heroes in modern games might find themselves
stalked through the urban jungle as the aliens seek
to hunt modern people in their accustomed surroundings. Alien hunters may stray off course and
crash land into a Wild West campaign. Although
such beings would be lost upon a strange world
with no hope of rescue, they could still vent their
frustration on an unsuspecting population. Superhero adventures might send global defenders to a
remote jungle where an Ularr hunting party prepares
to embark on an expedition. Espionage games could
feature a healthy dose of alien encounter rumors.
Heroes would need to make use of detective skills
when following clues as they track the alien hunters.
Their findings could shake intelligence agencies to
the core as they find out that the truth is indeed
out there!

Typical Ularr

Reflexes 4D: acrobatics 4D+1, brawling 5D, dodge 4D+1, jumping 4D+1, melee combat 4D+1, sneak 5D
Coordination 3D: missile weapons 4D, piloting 5D
Physique 3D: lifting 4D+2, running 3D, stamina 4D
Knowledge 2D: medicine 2D+ 1, navigation 2D+ 1, tech 2D+2
Perception 4D: hide 4D, investigation 4D, survival 5D, tracking 5D
Presence 2D: intimidation 4D
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 4
Body Points: 19
Wound Levels: 3

Disadvantages: Cultural Unfamiliarity (R3), from a galaxy far, far, away

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Combat Sense (R1), surprise penalties reduced by 2; Fast Reactions (R2), +2D to Perception when determining initiative and may take an additional action per round up to three rimes during an adventure; Skill Bonus: Close Combat (R2), +2 to brawling, melee combat, and dodge totals; Ultravision (R1), negates up to 2 points of modifiers for dim or dark conditions; Uncanny Aptitude (R1), + 1 to Perception-based skills

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