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When one mentions of vampires, Braham Stoker’s Dracula often comes to mind. As time passed, the genre has grown as other authors have developed the vampire’s nocturnal world, added myths of their malicious nature. This has caused great angst for the undead who stalk the world’s streets because they would prefer such things to be left in the past as it would make their existence much easier. Read the Full Article

Two-Legged Terrors

Superstition and legend tell of strange creatures that prowl dismal, desolate areas. Outsiders may scoff at the superstitious fools who believe in these tales, but there are those know the truth: They’ve seen these creatures with their own two eyes! Heroes might face a mythical minion of a voodoo priest. A backwater village could choose a bride (sacrifice) to offer up in exchange for their safety. One might even help a legendary creature protect its domain from poachers. Read the Full Article

Possessed Artifacts

Consciousness is not a property reserved only to flesh-and-blood creatures; it can be found trapped within seemingly mundane objects. Once a person or beast, misplaced souls can give life to inanimate vessels of stone, metal, or even plastic. Potentially, any harmless-looking toy, statuette, or tool could become a lethal predator of its own master, or perhaps the master of its owner. Read the Full Article


The poltergeist (German for “noisy spirit”) is one of the more advanced types of ghost; spirit-hunters theorize that they are often the result of mass accumulations of psychokinetic energy, brought about by great mental or physical trauma in this world or the next. As such, they can spontaneously generate from this energy and aren’t necessarily linked to departed souls, although they can be, if an individual has died in a particularly horrific or violent way. Read the Full Article