The odiumus are the flaming angels of vengeance in an obscure religion. They appear as huge wheels of divine flame, with seven golden eyes set into a wheel. They are the holy spirits that destroy those who do not serve the interests of the religion.

They may be summoned for the purpose of destroying a heathen artifact or stronghold. In the guise of a holy avenger, they spread their religion’s gospel of violence, aggression, hatred, and war.

The odiumus are spiteful entities that delight in causing misery. In their vengeful “missions,” they tend to destroy more then they were petitioned to do.

The creatures may only be summoned by the religion’s priests (the planar distance has a value of 33 for miracles and spells), who regard them as divine tools from God, though other summoning spells may mistakenly draw the entities to their casters.

Typical Odiumus

Reflexes 3D+2: brawling 5D+1, dodge 4D+2, flying 5D+1, sneak 4D+l
Coordination 2D
Physique 3D+2
Knowledge 20+1: languages 40+2
Perception 3D+1: investigation 4D+2, search 5D, tracking 5D
Presence 3D: con 4D+2, intimidation 4D+2, willpower 4D+2
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 60 (flying)
Fate Points: 1
Body Points: 21
Character Points: 3
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Devotion (R3), spreading violence; Hindrance: Atypical Movement (R1), flying only

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Attack Resistance: Energy Attack, Non-enchanted Weapons (R5 each), +5D to damage resistance rolls against relevant attacks; Flight (R3), base flying Move 6D; Immortality (R1), driving out its eyes with silvered weapons will kill it permanently; Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Divine Touch (R4), damage +4D

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