Reanimated Killers

Many proponents of science and religion agree that death is the final exit from the mortal plane, though they disagree on what happens next. There are some phenomenon, however, that neither can explain and that flies utterly in the face of both their beliefs.

Murderers are a gruesome breed at best. What drives a person to murder another for pleasure or profit has never been quantified, and likely never will be. Although this is a heinous act, there are degrees even in murder. For many years, the most despicable creature was the serial killer, someone with so little regard for life that they deliberately crushed it whenever possible, ending dozens of lives during their rampage. Many religious pundits hold that such individuals must be punished for their actions and face judgment in the next world, while science minded individuals believe that such behaviors cannot be conditioned and must be ended. Often, the killing of murders is accepted as a necessary evil. Occasionally, however, it’s unsuccessful.

In the past 50 years, there have been several cases of murderers dying under various circumstances, then returning from beyond the grave to continue their killing sprees. In every case, the individual in question was killed through means that could not be disputed, and in every case, their death did not stop them. While this phenomenon cannot be explained, there have been several common traits between documented cases.

Reanimated killers seem to manifest only in the most vile and murderous individuals, those that can rightfully be labeled with descriptors such as evil or unholy. Indeed, in at least one case, a reanimated killer was a devout Satanist with experience in a number of dark rituals. Reanimated killers must suffer a gruesome, graphic demise, one chat typically mutilates the body in some specific, unique manner. Upon revivification, these individuals possess numerous supernatural abilities, not the least of which is extraordinary strength and stamina, and the ability to resist or heal virtually any kind of injury. Needless to say, killing these individuals is a difficult prospect at best, and subsequent reanimations have been documented.

Typical Reanimated Killer

Reflexes 3D: brawling 4D+2, dodge 4D, melee combat 6D
Coordination 2D: marksmanship 4D
Physique 4D(+3)
Knowledge 2D
Perception 3D: search 4D+2, tracking 5D
Presence 2D: intimidation 5D
Strength Damage: 2D(+3)
Move: 10
Fate Points: l
Character Points: 3
Body Points: 22
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Infamy (R3), feared and reviled; Quirk (R3). compulsive, lethal violence

Advantages: Trademark Specialization (R1), +2D bonus to melee combat when using favorite weapon

Special Abilities: Accelerated Healing (R3), +1D to Physique rolls for all healing attempts; immortality 1 (R1), cannot die until have had his fill of vengeance; Increased Attribute: Physique (R3), +3 to related rolls

Equipment: tattered clothing; weapon of choice (unpowered – such as bladed gloves or baseball bat with spikes – with damage +1D to +2D or powered – such as a chainsaw – with damage 4D)

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