D6 Classes: Rogues

Introducing the D6 classes of Rogues

These are the various classes within the Rogue grouping of characters. More could be added, but these are what I have, which include: Thief, Bard, and Swashbuckler.

The important attribute for the Thief is Dexterity
The important attribute for the Bard is Charisma
The important attribute for the Swashbuckler is Dexterity

All classes in the Rogue group begin with 11D in Skills.

Rogues select skills from the General skill list and the Rogue list.

General Listing

Melee Combat – DEX
Melee Parry – DEX
Sneak/Hide – DEX
Lifting – STR
Tracking – WIS
Brawling – STR
Brawling Parry – DEX
Thrown Weapon – DEX
Missile Weapon – DEX
Climbing – DEX
Jumping – DEX
Swimming – CON
Dodge – DEX
Agriculture – INT
Artistic Ability – WIS
Animal Training – WIS
Animal Handling – WIS
Horsemanship – WIS
Airborne Riding – WIS
Brewing – INT
Observation – INT
Cobbling – DEX
Dancing – DEX
Etiquette – CHA
Fishing – WIS
Language – CHA
Mining – WIS
Seamanship – DEX
Singing – CHA
Weather Sense – WIS
Blacksmithing – STR
Carpentry – STR
Willpower – WIS
Cooking – INT
Direction Sense – WIS
Firebuilding – WIS
Heraldry – INT
Leatherworking – INT
Pottery – DEX
Rope Use – DEX
Seamstress / Tailor – DEX
Stonemasonry – STR
Weaving – INT
Leadership – CHA

Rogue Listing

Lockpicking – DEX
Find/Set Traps – INT
Ancient History – INT
Music – CHA
Blind Fighting – WIS
Forgery – DEX
Reading Lips – INT
Tumbling – DEX
Spellcraft – INT
Pick Pocketing – DEX
Martial Arts – DEX
Local History – CHA
Appraising – INT
Disguise – CHA
Gem Cutting – DEX
Tightrope Walking – DEX
Ventriloquism – INT
Rally Friends^ – CHA
^Special skill only available during generation

Class Conditions:

Thief – Limited in the armor allowable in order to continue to get thieving bonuses, to Hide armor,
Leather armor, Studded Leather armor, Padded armor, and Elven Chain mail (but not regular chain mail), limited to the following weapons to maintain the thieving bonuses: Club, Dagger, Dart, Knife, Lasso, Short Bow, Sling, Short Sword, Long Sword, Hand Crossbow, and Quarterstaff, any race can be a thief, gains a bonus to Skills if the thief’s Dexterity is high enough

DEX = 3D+1 +1 to Lockpicking skill

DEX = 3D+2 +1 to Pickpocket skill, +2 to Lockpicking skill, +1 to Sneak/Hide skill

DEX = 4D +2 Pickpocket skill, +1D to Lockpicking skill, +1 to Find/Set Traps skill, +2 to Sneak/Hide skill

DEX = 4D+1 or more +1D to Pickpocket skill, +1D+2 to Lockpicking skill, +1D to Find/Set Traps skill, +1D to Sneak/Hide skill

Bard – Bards may not use a shield. may not wear any armor that reduces their Dexterity and thus their ability to perform or play music. does not begin with a Spell Book, but may make one. gains the initial bonus of +1D in Local History skill. may choose the special skill of “Rally Friends” during generation, and put no more than 2D of starting skills into it to begin with. any race can be a bard. gains the special knowledge of something during their travels, due to their nature of traveling all over bards tend to learn of people or events that others may not know about simply by interacting with people. During generation, a Bard rolls 1D and adds +1 pip to the roll for every D they have in Charisma. Therefore a Bard with a Charisma of 3D would be rolling 1D+3 for this, this is NOT a wild die. the result of the die roll lists the special knowledge known.

1-2 = knows fairly common knowledge about people or things in the area. this may be known by other people, and includes knowledge about someone’s local reputation or common legends about the surrounding area.

3-4 = known uncommon knowledge, or knowledge that only a few people in the area know. this includes information about someone’s shady past, or legends of powerful or dangerous magic or things in the area, and local locations that have largely been forgotten by the people in the area.

5-8 = knows obscure and difficult to come by information, including family histories of people in the area, or legends about places of mystery. this also includes some secrets about notable people.

9+ = knows extremely obscure knowledge, the kind of stuff that has long been forgotten by nearly everyone still living. this could be the history of people, items or locations, or things long lost or something that is viewed as insignificant but is actually something long forgotten.

Swashbuckler – Dwarves and Gnomes may NOT be Swashbucklers, all other races may be this class. if not wearing any armor, gain the following:
+1D to Dodge
+1D to Melee Parry
+1D to Brawling Parry
+1D to Jumping

After rolling to determine dominant hand, if character is NOT ambidextrous, roll 2D. If the result is doubles of any number, then the character has learned to be ambidextrous. gains the skill of Intimidation at +1D. knows the location or existence of a hidden treasure, but lacks the ability to get there and acquire it.

The starting funds for Rogue classes is 260 Gold Pieces

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