Scale: Human (0)
Move: 12 (male), 15 (female)
Health: 14
Fear rating: 4

Strength: 2D+1 (male), 3D (female)
Brawling: +1D (3D+1 / 4D)
Dexterity: 4D
Melee Combat: +1D (5D)
Melee Parry: +1D (5D)
Missile Weapon: +1D (5D)
Sneak/Hide: +1D+2 (5D+2)
Constitution: 2D (male), 2D+1 (female)
Intelligence: 3D+2 (male), 4D+2 (female)
Wisdom: 2D+2 (male), 3D+1 (female)
Charisma: 3D

Magic Power: 1D (resistance only)

Dark Alloy Long Dagger – STR+1D+2 (piercing)
Dark Alloy Short Sword – STR+2D+1 (slash / piercing)
Hand Crossbow – 2D+2 (poison tipped typically) (piercing)
Dark Alloy Mace – STR+1D+2 (blunt)
Javelin & Atlatl – STR+1D+1 (+20 meter range) (piercing)

Dark Alloy Chainmail – +2D+1 piercing / +3D slash / +1D+2 blunt
Buckler – +1 piercing / +1 slash / +1 blunt

All Drow wear a special black leather for boots and cloaks that have a natural resistance of +1D to resist fire attacks

Poison on the crossbow bolts usually causes Sleep unless and Easy (8) roll is made to resist. Sleep lasts for 1D6 rounds then the person awakens but suffers sluggishness (-2 pips) for the same number of rounds as they spent asleep.

Some Drow, typically females, can be magic users with a higher Magic Power which can be used to cast spells.

All Drow have a 120 meter infravision, however they also suffer -2 pips if they take actiions out in full, broad daylight.

All Drow may, once per day, cast Darkness with a 1D of ability.

Female Drow may, once per day, cast Detect Lie and Dispel Magic with 1D of ability.

For every 10 Drow encountered, one will be a higher skilled male and will carry a Dark Alloy Buckler (+1D / +1D / +1D)

For every 30 Drow encountered, 1 to 6 females will be present and one of them will be a Magic User of 4D Magic Power

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