Galeb Duhr

Move: 6
Scale: Large
Fear: 18
Health Points: 63
Brawling +1D
CON 4D+1

Magic Power: 20D (limited)

Two Rocks Claws
Claw STR+2 (Blunt)

Special Abilities
Can use Magic Power to cast the following spells: Wall of Stone, Pass Wall, Stone Shape, Move Earth

May also animate stones within 6 meters of creature

Suffers double damage from cold attacks

Not affected by lightning or fire attacks

These creatures hide among other boulders to blend in, sometimes in caves, other times on rocky hillsides or rocky fields. This doubles as camouflage for it but also provides them with assistance if they require it. They are not particularly fast nor agile, but if they manage to land a blow, the target will definitely feel it!

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