Hill Giant

Many think that, due to Hill Giants somewhat dopey appearance, that they are simple-minded. But they have a clever intelligence that will take advantage of you if given the chance.
Scale: Large (5)
Move: 12
Fear: 16
Health Points: 58

STR 5D+1
Brawling +3D
CON 4D+1
Melee Combat +3D
Thrown Weapons +3D+1

Hides — Slahing / +1 Piercing / +1 Blunt

Thrown Rock STR+2D Blunt
Club STR+1D Blunt

Can hurl large rocks up to 20 meters, or smaller rocks much further (up to 3x that distance)

Usually keeps a couple of Dire Wolves (see stats in #d6creatures ) as guard dogs around the homestead, and will bring one with them if they know they will be contending with a dangerous foe.

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