Move: 6 on ground / 12 in flight
Scale: Small (-3)
Fear: 1
Health Points: 4

STR 1D+1
Melee Attack +1D
Ranged Weapons +1D

1 of either melee or ranged combat
Pixie Sword STR+1D (Piercing)
Pixie Bow 1D+2 (Piercing) Poison tipped

Note: The poison is made from natural mushrooms and is a powerful sleeping agent. If the hit inflicts Health Point loss on target, target must make a Moderate (10) Constitution (CON) roll otherwise they fall into a deep sleep for 1D6 hours. Due to its natural ingredients, there is no magical protection against this poison.

Special Abilities:
May cast Invisibility at will, as many times per day as they like. While invisible, may still make an attack, giving a +1D To Hit bonus for the attack, but then they become visible after the attack lands. They could still go invisible again next round without any delay.

May Detect Evil / Good out to a range of 50 meters. This ability is always active, meaning they will know right away if someone enters their home area.

Speaks Common, Elvish, and Pixish.

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