Barathax Military Trainer Template

Species: Barathax

Occupation: Military Trainer

Agility 3D+2

Mechanical 2D+2

Strength 2D+2

Knowledge 3D

Perception 3D+2

Technical 2D+1

Funds 3D

Credits 525

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 1D

Move 10

Body Points 32

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 19-25

Wounded / 12-18

Severely Wounded / 6-11

Incapacitated / 3-5

Mortally Wounded / 1-2

Dead / 0

Equipment: needler pistol (damage 30; range 25/75/150; ammo 50); worn syntheleather mesh long-coat (Armor Value +10); cred-key

Disadvantages: Enemy (R2), wanted dead or alive as a traitor of the Barathax; Hindrance; Arrogance (R2), + 3 to con and persuasion difficulties; Hindrance: Reduced Hardiness (R2), -2 to damage resistance totals; Quirk (Rl), must make a Moderate willpower roll to overcome dislike of cold temperatures or be at +2 to all difficulties until warm again, Quirk (R2), make a Difficult willpower roll to be wet or will do nothing until dry.

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Enhanced Sense: Sight (Rl), +1 to sight-based skill totals; Enhanced Sense: Hearing (Rl),+l to hearing-based skill totals; Extra Body Part: Tail (Rl); Skill Bonus: Agility (Rl), + 1 to acrobatics, climb /jump, and dodge totals; Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Claws (Rl), + lD damage.

Description: Your parents say that you spent too much time alone as a scout among soft aliens, and that’s why you’ve rejected your own people. You now seek out potential victims of the Barathax in the hopes of training them to defend themselves against possible attacks.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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