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Galaxy’s Wings

An interstellar cruise ship and transport vessel, the Galaxy’s Wings offers a means of getting around the universe without purchasing an entire ship. The vessel is one of many in its corporation’s fleet. It offers numerous amenities, such as exercise and sports rooms, theaters, shopping, restaurants, and more. It has a strict schedule and visits only the most popular planets. This is partly for safety (it has minimal armaments and thus sticks to patrolled space) and partly for economic reasons.

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Military Carrier

The carrier is a huge military vessel used to ferry sublight fighters via interstellar travel and to launch them into combat. The carrier’s flight compliment includes six squadrons of six fighters each. The carrier usually also holds four shuttlecraft for administrative duties or ship-to-shore travel (as carriers are too huge to operate within the atmosphere of a planet). Most carriers are not as heavily armed as their massive size would imply, instead devoting more space to hangar and launch facilities and entrusting their defense to the fighters they carry, as well as to the escort vessels that usually accompany the carrier in fleet operations.

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Scout Ship

The military depends on scout ships for gathering information and transporting important couriers and some supplies. Megacorporations and independent adventurers use these ships for much the same reason. They are designed to be quick and agile, able to get their crews out of trouble as quickly as they got into it. Those with interstellar drives and long-term supplies can patrol the wastes of space for years.

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