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Gadgeteers are the people who make things and put things back together – and they do it exceptionally well. These people are vital resources for everyone on any side of a conflict. Call them grease-monkeys, gearheads, gadgeteers, techies or whatever, their role is the same, making the toys better and putting them back together after they get broken. Gadgeteers are often a vital part of any team but they are rarely in the spotlight, usually their work is behind the scenes making everyone else’s job easier. Read the Full Article


As long as there have been folks with free time and streets where they could roam, there have been street gangs. Traditionally, gangs are groups of hard-living individuals united by some common bond or theme. This bond may seem trivial to outsiders such as living on the same street, belonging to the same church, or working at the same profession but for those heavily into the gangs it can be an all-important distinction. Although they usually consist of a majority of men, many gangs accept female members … as long as they’re tough enough and are willing to pledge loyalty Read the Full Article

Extremist Political Groups

Unfortunately, for every person who lives the good life, there are many who exist in abject poverty. The sun sets hard on the downtrodden as they face heartbreaking choices. Which child do they feed today? Can they survive another night in the elements? Things the fortunate take for granted such as sanitary water, education, medicine, and even the simplest of hopes are mere fantasy for much of the world. Read the Full Article

Big Media

The arrival of the Gutenberg press in 1450 would forever change how information was shared because this invention made it possible to rapidly produce printed material. The breakthrough hastened technological progress and gave birth to new industries as it made the world a much smaller place. Unfortunately, it also set the stage for the monster that would eventually become “big media” to emerge. As time passed, its spawn, the paparazzi arose and reared its ugly head. Those who fell under its merciless gaze would never be the same again. Read the Full Article