Screaming Blue Murders

Screaming blue murders, around one-third to two-thirds of a meter long, resemble human babies, the only discernible difference from normal babies being a pallid blue hue to their skin that gives them a sickly complexion, as well as a knowing look in their eyes that goes beyond their apparent infancy.

The horrors lurk on the outskirts of settlements, because they must be “discovered” by someone for their abilities to work. It lies near a secluded house or area, where either it crawled to or a den mother placed it. There, it cries like a distressed child. Its wailing carries itself un naturally into areas of 1 civilization, and anyone who hears it finds herself irrevocably drawn to the “baby.” Thus, the screaming blue murder finds its victim.

Now in the arms of its comforter, the horror refuses to settle and instead seems to get more agitated. The victim feels compelled to cry and calm the baby down co the exclusion of everything else, including eating and sleeping. After several days of sleep depravation and malnutrition, the screaming blue murder’s victim will be unnaturally close to death.

Sensing this, the monster begins to scream at such an intensity that the unfortunate person’s eardrums burst and the blood vessels around the brain rupture. Death is often instantaneous. When the body is found, the screaming blue murder is nowhere. Also, no one seems to have heard the scream that becomes the unfortunate victim’s death knell.

Typical Screaming Blue Murder

Reflexes 2D+2: dodge 3D, sneak 3D+2
Coordination 1D+2
Physique 2D+1: running 3D
Knowledge 3D
Perception 4D+1 : search 4D+1, survival 4D+2
Presence 4D: con 6D+1
Strength Damage: 1D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 2
Character Points: 5
Body Points: 17
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel (R3}, needs to eat sentient blood

Advantages: Size: Small (R2}, scale value 5 to 6

Special Abilities: Natural Ranged Weapon: Scream (R2), damage 6D with Restricted (R3), limited to one person within a few meters of it; and Additional Effect (R5), see note.

Note: The scream is heard by everyone for kilometers around but it stops when one person fails a con test against that person’s willpower roll by at least 10 points (Game Masters may reduce this threshold for mothers, sensitive men and women, and others that feel drawn to help children) If the character fails the test, she feels compelled to find the baby and try to comfort it. She will take hostile action against anyone who tries to stop her.

Once in the sway of the screaming blue murder, affected characters may attempt to break free of the monster’s influence by succeeding against another willpower check against the creature’s con (this may be attempted once per day). For each day the monster affects the character, the difficulty increases by +2, and after three days, the screaming blue murder will make its scream attack.

D6 Adventure Creatures (WEG 51021), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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