Mad Scientists

Few labels are quite so evocative as that of mad scientist. They are a constant source of conflict for those who become embroiled within their schemes, not necessarily because the scientist’s goals are evil, but because their judgment is inherently flawed.

A mad scientist can come from any walk of life, with the only requirements being a brilliant mind and a seriously damaged sense of ethics. Some may be legitimate professionals who become deranged as a result of exposure to extreme circumstances, possibly stemming from their research. Others may suffer from innate mental instabiliry, perhaps as a means of natural balance to their disproportionately vast intellect. Still others may be genuine in their belief that their research is a necessity for the good of all humanity, and that certain evils are absolutely necessary in order for the greater good to be served. These last individuals can be the most dangerous, as they can often recruit others to their cause by convincing them of the benefits their experiments can offer to the world at large.

Mad scientists are a variable foe to encounter, ranging as they do from a genuine, genocidal madman bent on creating new weapons of mass destruction to a benevolent but determined surgeon intent on solving a terrible disease by experimenting with new treatments on kidnapped vagrants and other innocents. Some are legitimate villains, while others are simply misguided and could potemially be rehabilitated if the circumstances were appropriate.

Inevitably, the most significant challenge when overcoming a mad scientist is not the scientist himself, brilliant and twisted he may be, nor is it the scientist’s minions, regardless of their numbers. It’s a mad scientist’s creations that pose the real threat, and an infinitely variable threat at that. Highly advanced technological weapons, chemical weapons, viruses or microbes, dimensional portals, genetically engineered monstrosities … there’s no end to the diversity of threats that a brilliant scientist can create when unhindered by ethics or the restricting influence of a government, corporation, or other patron.

Ultimately, the mad scientist is a serious threat not because of their physical capabilities, but because their brilliance allows them to threaten large numbers of people over a vast area in a fashion that most law enforcement official are incapable of addressing effectively. lnstead, these men and women often become threats, overt or covert, that can only be dealt with properly by small groups of highly trained individuals who are capable of operating outside the confines of normal law enforcement.

Typical Mad Scientist

Reflexes 2D
Coordination 2D: marksmanship 2D+1, piloting 3D+1
Physique 2D
Knowledge 4D (+2): business 4D+2, languages 4D+1, medicine 5D+1, scholar 6D, tech 4D+2
Perception 3D: investigation 4D, know-how 5D, repair 3D+1
Presence 3D: command 3D+2, intimidation 4D, persuasion 3D+2
Strength Damage: 1D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 1
Character Points: 4
Body Points: 16
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Infamy (R1). bad rep- utation as a lunatic; Uncoordinated (R1). +1 difficulty to all brawling, melu com- bat, and lockpicking attempts

Advantages: Wealth (R1); Equipment (R4). various unique devices

Special Abilities: Increased Attribute: Knowledge (R2). +2 to all related totals

Equipment: illicit laboratory stocked with high-end equipment; handgun (damage 4D)

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