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Giant Sewer Creatures

Over the years in the big cities, there have been crazes about exotic pets that people wanted to have, ignoring the fact that one day they would grow into an adult predator. Many collectors bought several eggs at once and let them grow until they became too big to house in the terrarium. Once that occurred, it was a question for the owner of what to do with them. Too large to simply Bush down the toilet, the collectors often dump the terrarium down the nearest storm sewer and assume that’s the end of it. Other creatures find themselves driven below by encroaching human developments. Read the Full Article

Reptilian Aliens

Man is not the sole sentient race to dwell among the stars. If one were to probe the cold depths of space and search for signs of life, they might find merciless, reptilian eyes peering back at them. The Ssargolothh mastered space travels long before the human race learned to stand — erect and conquer the minuscule mud ball known as Earth. Each new world the scaly, biotechnical wizards encounter feel the mark of their presence, and many new life forms emerge from their crucible of science. These cold-blooded, interstellar travelers discovered earth during the dark ages and began to modify life forms. Dragons were their most impressive creations, and the world recoiled in fear when these terrors took to the skies. Once their initial work was finished, the aliens buried a transmitting station 1,000 feet beneath the surface of modern-day Afghanistan to monitor Earth’s progress. Read the Full Article

Parasitic Beings

The term “parasitic beings” is really an umbrella under which many different creatures and entities can be grouped. Leeches are certainly parasitic beings, as are vampires and, to a certain extent, some demons. The word “parasite” is defined as a creature that feeds off of a host while contributing nothing to the host’s ongoing survival. Most such abilities are highly specialized, much like the leech’s ability to secrete a substance that prevents blood clotting. Most mundane parasites that have been cataloged by conventional science are primitive creatures, such as leeches, ticks, various other insects, and a number of plant species. There are other kinds, however, although most have not been catalogued by mainstream science. Read the Full Article

Megalo-maniacal Villains

Megalomania is a psychopathic condition that’s predominated by infantile delusions of wealth, power, or omnipotence. Individuals stricken with this malady of the mind are often obsessed with grandiose actions or extravagant things. People such as these feel they deserve the best life has to offer. Thus, their hidden hide outs have all the creature comforts money can buy and are protected by cutting edge, often ridiculously lethal weaponry, while stunning companions attend to their needs. The villains make excellent leaders for secret societies, cabals, and organizations that demand fanatical loyalty from their followers. Read the Full Article

Mantis Aliens

The Mantideans are a brutal race of insects resembling what many humans would call a praying mantis. Most stand over two and a half meters tall but can reach a height of nearly four meters when fully extended. Their faces resemble a triangle with compound eyes on either side and sharp chitinous mandibles in the middle. Exoskeletons provide inherent armor and produce a highly adaptive pigment that changes to fit their surroundings. This pigment can mimic greens, reds, oranges, and browns. Read the Full Article