Lurking beneath the waves is an amphibious creature responsible for terrifying mariners that dare to sail the waters. Thalassines are humanoid, with scales in place of skin and webbed hands and feet. Their mouths are filled with row upon row of needle-like teeth. Their sole source of sustenance is blood; whether animal or human, they care little.

Thalassines rarely allow themselves to be seen by their victims, although they have been known to steal aboard a ship in the dark of night and carry off a passenger for the purposes of making a meal. They usually leave the bones floating near the ship as a warning to other crew members of the dangers of sailing through their territory. They have never been known to speak; they instead seem to communicate through mental projections.

They do not like fresh water and cannot abide such habitats long. They also avoid the shallows, and, though they are amphibious, they do not make a habit of going too near land, let alone on it.

Typical Thalassine

Reflexes 5D: acrobatics 6D, brawling 7D, climbing 5D+1, dodge 6D+1, melee combat 7D, sneak 6D+2
Coordination 2D: throwing 5D
Physique 5D: lifting 7D, swimming 7D+1
Knowledge 2D: scholar: sea lore 5D
Perceptlon2D: investigation 4D+2, search 3D+2, survival 5D, tracking 3D+1
Presence 2D: intimidation 5D+2
Psionics 1D: telepathy: images only 4D
Strength Damage: 4D
Move: 10
Fate Points: l
Body Points: 25
Character Points: 3
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel (R3), takes 3D damage per round or may only flee when exposed to incense heat; Achilles’ Heel (R3), suffer a -4 modifier to damage resistance totals and a +1 per round cumulative difficulty modifier while in fresh-water environments

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Environmental Resistance (R2), +6D to Physique or stamina
against effects of extreme heat, cold, or
pressure; Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon:
Teeth (R1), damage +1D Water Breathing (R1)

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