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Night Mares

Night mares appear as large, black, misty
horses with Barning red eyes. Some say
they’re the ghosts of cruelly treated horses.
They look fully solid on the head, torso, and
upper legs, but the lower legs seem like mist,
though thls is (somerimes) only an illusion.
These ghosts of wild horses appear only
at night, and they can normally be heard
before they can be seen. Ac the approach
of a night mare, the area grows unnaturally
quiet. Sometimes, the only audible sound is
the thunder of the hooves. At ocher times,
the steeds are so stealthy chat they can’t be
heard umil they’re dose enough co mike.
The sudden appearance of one of these
creatures snorting steam can be a most
unnerving event. Read the Full Article

Headless Entities

The Headless Horseman of legend is
one a type of spectral creatures that seek
to regain in death what it had lost or been
denied in life, in the case of the Headless
Horseman, that is, a new head. Other,
similar entities may seek a hand, a heart,
or even something immaterial such as love
or respect. Universally, these entities are
driven to commit terrible acts in order to
achieve their goals. Read the Full Article


Those who investigate paranormal phenomena have long understood the link between ghosts and souls of the living. The smartest researchers understand there are potentially as many types of ghosts as there are souls. Nevertheless, scholars of the paranormal classify most miscellaneous ghosts into several broad classes. Some theorize that these classes of ghosts follow an “evolutionary” progression, ranging from least to most advanced. Although the amount of psychic energy a spirit possesses is a partial indication of its strength, it’s not all-encompassing; in much the same way that a giant amoeba can be a large but basic life form, so too can a ghost be powerful but unevolved. Read the Full Article

Flesh Constructs

In the nineteenth century, science gave the world steam engines, telephones, vaccines, and dozens of other marvels that form the foundation of modern technological achievement. Despite these glorious accomplishments, this was also the time in which darker ambitions festered in remote castles, basements of sanitariums, and secluded universities. This twisted, “mad” science did not make miracles; it made monsters of flesh and bone. Read the Full Article

Evil Clowns

The transient nature of traveling shows such as carnivals and circuses lure all manner of strange characters and mystical entities. lt’s for good reason that carnie folk are highly superstitious; interlopers carry with them a sort of supernatural baggage that flourishes in the soup of sin and innocence that pervades the big top. One of the many types of paranormal denizens of the traveling show are the evil downs. Read the Full Article


Parapsychologists believe doppelgangers to be unique in the parapsychological world because they arc living spirits. In other words, although composed of the same energies as ghosts and poltergeists, they are not the produce of the spirit world, nor do they belong to one who is deceased. Doppelgangers are little known in a “natural” stare, and generally only become known when they impose themselves in the lives of victims. At that point, the damage they can cause is tremendous. Read the Full Article