The ancient Egyptians were masters of mummification and rook great pains to ensure that their rulers were properly prepared for the afterlife. The passing of ancient kings was heralded by ceremonial sacrifice as the nation wept and massive pyramids rose to house their remains.

While such structures were awe inspiring and laden with deadly traps, they also served as beacons for grave robbers who waited like jackals in the shadows until the time was right for plunder. Thus, the legacy of many of Egypt’s lieges of ancient times has been scattered across the face of the earth. Although some of their trappings eventually surfaced in museums, much of their legacy has been forever lost.

There were a small number of rulers who managed to escape the clutches of the greedy. These lords of the Nile foresaw the future and chose to be entombed in secret while decoys lay in their “official” resting place. Trusted minions spirited their true remains to the forgotten places in the timeless desert where they would lay undisturbed. Their spirits would have been content to await their eternal reward beneath the dunes, but the souls of those who have been violated call out to them. Vengeance must be theirs. What has befallen their brethren is inexcusable, and the craven jackals shall pay for their petty arrogance!

Thus, there should be no surprise in finding one of Egypt’s former protectors rising from the sand to deliver justice. The vengeful undead oft wield formidable power in their quest for divine vengeance; woe be it to those who stand in the way of their righteous wrath. Such fools should consider themselves lucky if they are allowed to merely die instead of being slowly tortured until they expire!

Pulp fiction games might feature undying lords of the desert who have been taken to a foreign land and awaken from a museum exhibit. Such creatures would need minions who are knowledgeable of their surroundings, and they would enthrall curators to serve them. Unlucky heroes could be the target of abduction attempts because they resemble a mummy’s companion or long-lost love. Villages might find themselves overrun with terrible maladies as time-lost minions of the undead liege walk the earth to claim it for their foul lord. Defeating such a horrible being may tax heroes to their limits as the mummy tries to quench its thirst for vengeance. They may be the only thing keeping the vengeful creature from unleashing their awesome arcane power on an unsuspecting world.


Reflexes 2D: brawling 3D
Coordination 1D+2
Physique 4D (+4): lifting 5D, running 4D+1, stamina 5D
Knowledge 4D : languages: Ancient Egyptian 5D; scholar 4D
Perception 2D+1: search 3D, tracking 2D+2
Presence 3D: command 4D, intimidation 7D, persuasion 3D+2, willpower 3D+2
Magic 3D: alteration 4D, apporation 4D, conjuration 5D
Strength Damage: 3D (+4)
Move: 8
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 0
Body Points: 21
Wound Levels: 3

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel (R3), suffers additional +2D damage from fire attacks; Age (R2), the mummy receives +1 to the difficulty of physical actions (those that rely on Reflexes, Coordination, and Physique); Hindrance: Movement (R1), base running, jumping, and swimming Move reduced by 2 meters

Advantages: Authority (R1), over followers; Devotion (R3), to vengeance; Wealth (R2)

Special Abilities: Environmental Resistance (R2), +6D to Physique or stamina checks to resist ill effects from environ- mental conditions; Hardiness (R5), +5 to damage resistance totals; Immortality (R1), ceases functioning when smashed to pieces or decapitated, with Additional Effect (R2), does not need to eat or drink; Increased Attribute: Physique (R4), +4 to related totals; Iron Will (R3), +3 to all willpower rolls and +3 to the default difficulty against the mummy; Paralyzing Touch (R1), may choose to paralyze victim with successful brawling attack and victim remains paralyzed until she makes a successful Presence or willpower roll against the brawling skill coral

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