Possessed Artifacts

Consciousness is not a property reserved only to flesh-and-blood creatures; it can be found trapped within seemingly mundane objects. Once a person or beast, misplaced souls can give life to inanimate vessels of stone, metal, or even plastic. Potentially, any harmless-looking toy, statuette, or tool could become a lethal predator of its own master, or perhaps the master of its owner.

The most effective way to destroy these possessed items is to banish the spirit within, though this may take a lot of research on the object’s background to find the precise method. It’s possible the spell to neutralize the cursed talisman may be lost to the sands of time. Barring this route, it’s best to destroy the object with excessive force. A possessed object will take double the amount of damage that a similar mundane item could before it becomes physically useless and the spirit residing within is made dormant. Even if destroyed, should the object be reassembled, the supernatural force within awakens from its slumber to wreak havoc once again.

Unfortunately, some possessed items, such as magical weapons, are virtually indestructible. The only way to deal with these things is to find a good vault, tomb, or deep sea and cast it in. While the item is not destroyed, it cakes some time before it becomes a nuisance again. Some items are so cursed that they return to an owner by miraculous circumstances.

In addition to special abilities and increased toughness, the spirit trapped in an inanimate vessel gives it a distinct personality based on the nature of that resident soul. For instance, a demon may be destructive and violent, while an alien might be logical and patient. Mage souls are often obsessed with returning to the mortal coil in order to feel the ecstasy of using magic once again.

The object gains mechanical functions appropriate to the form. For example a possessed car can drive around without need of a pilot, and a doll can walk and manipulate tools. Other objects (like jewelry, idols, weapons and so on) have magical powers to augment their lack of physical usefulness. Typically, these abilities are mind control, alteration of alignment, soul stealing, soul switching, blinding, memory erasure, and telepathy. A rare few can levitate and fly around.

Typical Possessed Doll

Reflexes 4D: brawling 5D, dodge 7D, melee combat 5D+2, sneak 6D+1
Coordination 2D
Physique 1D: lifting 3D
Knowledge 3D: scholar 4D
Perception 3D: hide 3D+2, search 4D, tracking 3D+2
Presence 2D: charm 4D, con 30+1, intimidation 3D, willpower 5D+2
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 6
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Body Points: 15
Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: mind control (with a successful opposed willpower attempt, can control one opponent’s actions); nerveless body (+2D to damage resistance rolls); feign harmlessness (can appear dormant or dead; +2D to relevant con rolls); small size (scale value 4)

Equipment: toy weapon (knife, sword, or gun; damage +1D close combat or damage 3D if ranged)

Typical Possessed Car

Reflexes 2D: brawling 4D, sneak 3D+2
Coordination 4D: driving: self only 7D+1
Physique 4D+2
Knowledge 2D: navigation: city streets 3D+2
Perception 2D+1: repair: autos 5D+1, search 3D+2
Presence 1D: incimidacion 5D, willpower 6D+1
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 70
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Body Points: 28
Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: doors, hood, and trunk (damage +20; may attack once with each swinging part); enhanced metal exterior (+40 to damage resistance rorals); tires vulnerable (-20 to damage resistance totals for attacks on wheels; +3 or more to combat difficulty co target wheels); nitrous injectors (use driving skill as running skill); large size (scale value 6)

Equipment: headlights (negates up to 10 points of darkness modifiers or 5 points of smoke/fog modifier for a limited area); radio (can use what sounds on the radio it finds to communicate)

Typical Possessed Lawnmower

Reflexes 2D+1: brawling 3D+1, dodge 3D+1, sneak 2D+2
Coordination 1D
Physique 3D+2: running 4D
Knowledge 1D
Perception 2D+1: hide: self 2D+2, search 3D+1, cracking 3D+1
Presence 2D+2: con 6D, intimidation 4D+1
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 4
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Body Points: 22
Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: blades (damage +1D+2); enhanced metal exterior (+2D to damage resistance totals); feign harmlessness (can appear harmless; +2D to relevant con rolls); small size (scale value 1)

Example: Evil Stuffed Toy

Sure they look soft and cuddly, but do you trust them with your kids? If the stuffed animal you’re speaking of is possessed, the answer had better be “No!”

With the lights on and Mommy in the room, they are nothing more than ordinary toys found in the bedrooms of children around the world. But, turn out the lights and kiss your baby good night and let the little tikes’ nightmares begin! The plush toys, usually teddy bears, animate when observable only by children and usually only at night, though some more powerful ones can “come alive” even in the daylight.

The creatures usually wait until the child is asleep, climb on top of them, and start to say their name while gently shaking them awake. Then, when the child rouses, the cute little plaything’s eyes glow red, teeth appear in a previously toothless mouth, and an unmistakably evil snarl replaces the warm smile that greeted the child earlier that day.

The toy generally covers the child’s mouth so that it cannot speak or cry our for help. It tells the child that it will kill him and his parents, brothers, sisters, and friends, as well as destroy their house and everything else the child holds dear. Occasionally striking the child, it becomes more and more violent and aggressive as the night goes on.

Finally, as dawn approaches, the plaything lets the child go. When the child yells for help, the parents believe that it’s just another “monster under the bed” story.

Sometimes the creatures tell the children ro do something, like steal an object from their parents, destroy a document, or even try to murder a sibling. If the child does as ordered, the toy promises to leave – of course, it is lying.

If the child insists on getting rid of the toy, it will find a way into someone else’s house and the cycle starts anew. Several unexplained deaths can be attributed to the playthings – it has literally scared the child to death. These types of possessed objects are unable to animate in the presence of anyone over 12 years of age.

Typical Evil Stuffed Toy

Reflexes 1D+2: brawling 3D+1,dodge 2D, melee combat 2D, sneak 3D+1
Coordination 1D+2
Physique 3D+1: lifting 3D+2, running 3D+2
Knowledge 2D
Perception 2D+2: hide 4D
Presence 5D: charm 6D, con 8D+1; intimidation 3D
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 3
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Body Points: 20
Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: bite (damage +2; +5 to combat difficulty); nerveless body (+2D to damage resistance rolls); limited animation (cannot animate in the presence of anyone over 12 years old); small size (scale value 5)

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