D6 Classes: Warriors

D6 Character Classes: Warriors

There are various types of warriors, including Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, Barbarian, Berserker, and Cavaliers.

The important attribute for a Fighter is Strength
The important attribute for a Ranger is Wisdom
The important attribute for a Paladin is Wisdom
The important attribute for a Barbarian is Strength
The important attribute for a Berserker is Strength
The important attribute for a Cavalier is Charisma

All Warriors begin the game with 12D to allocate to Skills

Warriors can choose skills listed in the General list and the Warrior list.

General List of Skills:
Melee Combat – DEX
Melee Parry – DEX
Sneak / Hide – DEX
Lifting – STR
Tracking – WIS
Brawling – STR
Agriculture – INT
Animal Training – WIS
Artistic Ability – WIS
Brewing – INT
Observation – INT
Cobbling – DEX
Dancing – DEX
Etiquette – CHA
Fishing – WIS
Language – CHA
Weather Sense – WIS
Dodge – DEX
Thrown Weapons – DEX
Missile Weapons – DEX
Climbing – DEX
Jumping – DEX
Swimming – CON
Brawling Parry – DEX
Animal Handling – WIS
Horsemanship – WIS
Blacksmithing – STR
Carpentry – STR
Willpower – WIS
Cooking – INT
Direction Sense – WIS
Firebuilding – WIS
Heraldry – INT
Leatherworking – INT
Pottery – DEX
Rope Use – DEX
Seamstress/Tailor – DEX
Stonemasonry – STR
Weaving – INT
Leadership – CHA

Warrior List of skills:

Navigation – INT
Armorer – INT
Charioteering – DEX
Mountaineering – WIS
Survival – INT
Artillerist – CHA
Blind Fighting – WIS
Bowyer / Fletcher – DEX
Endurance – CON
Running – CON
Weaponsmithing – INT
Intimidation – CHA ^
^Only available during character generation

Class Conditions:

Paladin – Only Humans may be Paladins. Can automatically detect Evil up to 20 meters away. Immune to all diseases. May “Lay Hands” once per day, healing 1D6 HP with the use (Wild Die). May Cure Disease once per week. All Evil creatures that attack the Paladin, or anyone in the Paladin’s group that is within 3 meters of the Paladin, suffer -1D to their attack skill. Paladins must tithe 10% of their wealth each month. May “Turn Undead” when Player Power reaches 1D or more. May not possess more than 10 magical items due to their faith in a higher being. Must always uphold the law. Begins with a base +1 (not a full Die) in Prayer Power, and until the Prayer Power reaches 1D they cannot use any Prayer powers.

Ranger – Only Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves may be Rangers. If a Ranger wears Studded Leather armor or lighter, they may take 2 actions a round without suffering any Multi-action penalties. Gain an immediate +1D in the Tracking skill. Must choose a race as a mortal enemy, and if that enemy is on the field, must attempt to engage them in combat by ignoring all others unless the Ranger’s life is threatened. Begins with a base +1 (not a full Die) in Prayer Power, and until the Prayer Power reaches 1D they cannot use any Prayer powers.

Fighter – Any race can be a Fighter. Has the potential to gain additional Strength. No limit to the armor, weapons, or magical items a Fighter may possess.
For a Fighter, if the allocation of Attributes leads to the Fighter having a Strength of 4D or more, they get to make a special bonus roll before finalizing their attributes.

Roll the dice and determine the total.

Roll less than 20 = no bonus modifier
Roll = 20 : Bonus +1D to Strength
Roll = 21-22 : Bonus +1D+1 to Strength
Roll = 23-24 : Bonus +1D+2 to Strength
Roll = 25 : Bonus +2D to Strength
Roll = 26-27 : Bonus +2D+1 to Strength
Roll = 28-29 : Bonus +2D+2 to Strength
Roll = 30 : +3D to Strength
Roll = 31-32 : +3D+1 to Stregnth
Roll = 33-34 : +3D+2 to Strength
Roll = 35+ : +4D

Barbarian – Only Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes may be a Barbarian. May not wear armor heavier than Splint armor, as they need to keep mobility. Gains an immediate, and permanent +2 to Strength attribute. Gains an immediate +1D to the skill of Intimidation. Due to the alert nature of a Barbarian, they gain a +1D to Initiative rolls as well as to their first attack in combat, no matter if the Barbarian is using Melee, Unarmed, or Ranged combat. Gains a permanent bonus of +5 to the total of their die roll when making Fear checks. Must spend all but 5 Gold pieces (or less) of their starting funds.

Berserker – Only Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes may be Berserkers. Not limited to any particular weapons or armor during normal circumstances. May choose to “Go Berserk”, which gains bonuses and gives restrictions while doing so. Can only “Go Berserk” in one of two ways. 1: after fighting a minimum of 5 rounds, may choose to “Go Berserk”. 2: before combat, may enter a trance-like state by chanting and working up a fervor over the course of 10 rounds prior to fighting in order to “Go Berserk”. Being “Berserk” makes the individual super-hyped on adrenaline, making them almost super-human.
“Going Berserk” gain +1D to Hit with Melee and Unarmed combat attacks. gain +1D to damage rolls. Immune to Charm and Sleep spells. gains a temporary +2D Magic Power to resist Hold Person and Confusion spells. Not affected by any “wound” penalties while berserk, except in the case of death. May perform 2 attacks without suffering any multi-action penalties ONLY if wearing armor that does not provide a Dexterity penalty.
Penalties while Berserk – cannot use Ranged Attacks while berserk. cannot take cover from ranged attacks while berserk. The GM keeps track of the damage the character suffers while character is berserk and will not know the effects of the damage until the fight is done. must fight each enemy until it falls, and must attack until ALL enemies have fallen. when stop “Going Berserk”, all damage suffered takes effect and for every 5 rounds the character was Berserk, gain 1 Fatigue.

Cavalier – Only Humans and Half-Elves may be Cavaliers. Begins the game with a riding mount of player choice (with GM approval). Gains +1D to Riding skill of Cavalier’s choice. Gains +1D to a specialty of “Swords” for Melee Combat. Immune to the Fear spell. Has an innate 2D Magic Power to resist any spells that affect the mind of the Cavalier. The Cavalier’s presence provides courage to those around, all within 3 meters gains +5 (plus the Fame of the Cavalier) when Fear checks are made. Must always uphold high morals by obeying the law, never fighting unfairly, respecting superiors, putting a stop to evil when it is witnessed, and always hold to your word.

Warrior classes start with 200 Gold Pieces in funds.

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