Extremist Political Groups

Unfortunately, for every person who lives the good life, there are many who exist in abject poverty. The sun sets hard on the downtrodden as they face heartbreaking choices. Which child do they feed today? Can they survive another night in the elements? Things the fortunate take for granted such as sanitary water, education, medicine, and even the simplest of hopes are mere fantasy for much of the world.

Those who survive are greeted by another day of misery and long to break free of the never ending hell they are forced to endure. Souls such as these are ripe for charismatic leaders to harvest. These shepherds gather their flock by raking advantage of the ignorance and desperation of the destitute. They fan the fires of revolution and wield the masses as a terrible force that can bring nations to their knees. Unfortunately, these tin gods are mere mortals that often succumb to the flaws of the spirit.

Much to the dismay of their followers, their Utopian dreams soon tarnish and turn into all too familiar chains of bondage. Time and again in the course of history, powerful leaders have left their terrible mark upon humanity as many followed power’s siren’s song. Their agendas gave birth to the likes of the Third Reich, ignited the flames of the Cold War, and launched the terrorist agenda of the modern age.

Sadly, there’s a wealth of history to draw upon for ideas. Campaigns set in the World War II era might find heroes helping resistance factions in a war-corn country as they is cry to repel a Nazi assault In Wild West settings, the characters could stumble upon a plot by post-Civil War confederates who wish to poison the capitol’s water supply as they seek revenge for their lose cause. Foreign agents make apt villains in espionage plots as the characters seek to uncover operatives char threaten to destabilize the country from within. Terrorists could wreak havoc in the modern world when they attempt to disrupt national politics by launching attacks during an election year.

Even the derailment or destruction of an extremist political group may not entirely end their threat. Surviving members that are dispersed to the winds may found splinter groups or infect formerly benign organizations. Groups such as these may well be far more deadly than their predecessors!

Typical Extremist Agent

Reflexes 3D: brawling 3D+2, dodge 4D, melee combat 3D+2, sneak 3D+2

Coordination 3D: lockpicking4D, marksmanship 3D, piloting 3D

Physique 2D: running 2D+2, stamina 3D

Knowledge 4D: demolitions 5D, forgery 4D+1, languages 4D+ l, security 4D+2

Perception 4D: hide 5D, investigation 4D+1, know-how 4D+1

Presence 2D: con 2D+2, disguise 3D, persuasion 2D+2, willpower 2D+2

Strength Damage: 1 D

Move: 10

Fate Points: 0

Body Points: 16

Character Points: 3

Wound Levels: 3

Disadvantages: Devotion (R2), to agenda; Employed (R3), by extremist group; Enemy (R3), national law enforcement agents

Advantages: Contacts (R2), member of espionage network; Trademark Specialization (R2), +2D to forgery totals

Special Abilities: Endurance (R1), +3D to Physique or stamina checks when performing taxing physical tasks; Fast Reactions (R1), +1D to Perception when determining initiative and may take an additional action once per round for up to three times during an adventure; Immunity (R1), +1D to Physique or stamina checks when determining whether they have contracted an illness or suffering from ingested poisons; Master of Disguise (R1), +5 to all disguise totals and + 1D to any Presence-based actions while in that disguise; Uncanny Aptitude (R1), + 1 to Knowledge-related skills

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