These are vicious creatures in a fantasy game, with lots of power.
Scale: Large (2)
Move: 10
Fear: 14
Health Points: 70

Brawling +3D+2
DEX 3D+2
Melee Combat +4D
Melee Parry +3D
INT 4D+1

Magical Splint Mail +3D+1 Slashing / +3D+2 Piercing / +3D Blunt

Magical Silver Two-Handed sword STR+6D
Magical Longsword STR+4D+1

Special Notes:
The weapons wielded by the Githyanki are cursed and may only be wielded by the creature. Others attempting to wield it find themselves overcome with the desire to kill anyone and everyone. It is also very difficult to simply cast the weapon aside, requiring a Difficult Willpower roll to do so.

Most Githyanki will only wield the magical longsword, though some may wield the larger weapon.

Some of the Githyanki encountered may be combination fighters and magic users, with the Magic Power of 3D.

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