Many who take up the sword and perish on the battlefield sacrifice their lives freely because they believe in the cause they serve. However, there are those who are not motivated by glory or national pride. These callous warriors risk their lives for far pettier reasons and sell their martial prowess to the highest bidder. They are oft guided by greed, disillusionment, or revenge. Such is the life of the mercenary.

Unlike their patriotic brethren, sellswords often have a checkered past. Thus, one may encounter soldiers for hire who are wanted criminals, deserters, or refugees from lost campaigns. Such information would typically be kept secret if at all possible, and those who uncover the truth could find their life in danger! It should be noted though, that it’s possible to encounter mercenaries who are simply good at what they do but have not found any cause other than the pursuit of profit worth risking their neck for.

When not working, the hired guns often try to shed many of the trappings of their profession as they attempt to conceal their true nature. It’s common for soldiers of fortune that are between jobs to only speak when spoken to and avoid direct eye contact while attempting to blend in with the background. One should not confuse their passive behavior with cowardice – those who persist in bothering a hardened sellsword could very well end up face down in an alley with their throats cut!

These professionals, unlike many adversaries, can pass as normal citizens and can usually walk among common folk without raising suspicion. Their anonymity coupled with military training makes them quite capable assassins. One of their ilk would have no problem with eliminating heroes or other troublesome meddlers.

Globetrotting adventurers could encounter soldiers for hire who have seen fantastic things in their travels and could be persuaded to part with some of their knowledge – for the right price of course. Hapless heroes might also seek employment as mercenaries. They could be forced to make tough decisions when their job and financial needs conflict with their morals. Failure to follow orders may find the mutineers stranded on hostile, foreign soil and launch further adventures as they try to survive the journey back to friendly territory. Unscrupulous employers might hire mercenaries without telling them the full circumstances around their deployment. Those who survive could well find themselves wanted as traitors when they return home!

Typical Mercenary

Reflexes 3D: brawling 3D+2, climbing 3D+1, melee combat 4D, sneak 4D
Coordination 3D: marksmanship 4D, missile weapons 3D+1
Physique 4D: running 4D, stamina 5D, swimming 4D
Knowledge 2D: demolitions 3D, navigation 3D
Perception 3D: hide 3D+2, search 3D+2, survival 4D, tracking 3D+1
Presence 2D: intimidation 2D+2, willpower 3D
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 3
Body Points: 22
Wound Levels: 3

Disadvantages: Enemy (R2), accomplished assassin

Advantages: Concacts (R1), mercenary contacts

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous (R2), +2 to relevant two-handed actions; Endurance (R1), +3D to Physique or stamina checks when performing taxing physical casks; Luck: Good (R1); Sense of direction (R2), +2D to navigation and tracking totals

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