The legend of the ninja is shrouded in mystery and few writings of their history exist. What we know of them today has been passed from generation to generation and turned the assassins into a mystical enigma. Fortunately, not all has been buried by the passing of time.

The ninja owe their origin to first millennium Japanese priests. The clerics were deft information gatherers that shared their knowledge with those in the ruling caste and introduced the art of stealth to their homeland. They practiced in peace until government harassment became unbearable and forced their hand. Their response would give birth to the ninja.

The stealthy talents of the martial arts masters fit well with the emerging climate in their nation. A growing number of wealthy families of privilege had a great need for skilled espionage agents, and they sought to use any means necessary to eliminate their enemies. This was an arena in which ninjas could thrive; their talents became invaluable to their employers. For several centuries, they cast a shadow of fear over chose who stood in their way.

However, like the changing tides, the political climate shifted and the ninja’s influence faded. Many thought chat their power was broken and their teeth dulled. Those who knew better saw they had merely receded into the shadows. The masters of stealth had returned to their chosen element and, in turn, became far more deadly!

Ninja clan leaders could target heroes as potential threats and send an assassin to eliminate chem. A seemingly random pattern of violence could erupt in a rundown section of the city, but investigation reveals that rival factions are fighting for control of their domain. Heroes in this situation might find themselves caught in a deadly crossfire while trying to disarm the situation.

In Wild West settings, ninja could have traveled to America to recover a stolen heirloom. It could be the case that heroes find themselves aiding the stealthy masters as they struggle to win the day and return co their homeland. Those who succeed may be rewarded by being given the chance to learn lost stealth arts!

Typical Ninja

Reflexes 4D: acrobatics 4D+2, brawling 5D, climbing 4D+2, contortion 4D+2, melee combat 5D, sneak 4D+2
Coordination 3D: lockpicking 3D+2, sleight of hand 3D+2, throwing 4D
Physique 3D: lifting 3D+2, running 3D+2, stamina 4D, swimming 3D+2
Knowledge 2D: demolitions 3D, languages 2D+1, medicine 2D+1
Perception 4D: hide 5D, investigation 4D+1,search 4D+2, survival 4D+2, tracking 5D
Presence 2D: disguise 2D+2, intimidation 2D+2, willpower 3D
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 0
Body Points: 19
Character Points: 3
Wound Levels: 3

Disadvantages: Devotion (R3), to clan

Advantages: Contacts (R2), the members of clan; Patron (R2), clan leader

Special Abilities: Accelerated Healing(R2), +2D to natural healing attempts; Combat Sense (R1), surprise penalties reduced by 2; Endurance (R1), +3D to Physique or stamina checks when performing taxing physical tasks; Enhanced Sense: Touch (R1), +2 to related skill totals; Iron Will (R1), +2D to all willpower rolls and +4 to the default difficulty against the ninja; Master of disguise (R1), +5 to disguise totals and +1D to any Presence- based actions while in that disguise; Sense of Direction (R1), +1D to navigation and tracking rolls. Equipment: katana (damage +3D); wrist-mounted crossbow with darts (damage 4D); 8 shuriken (damage +1D); dark clothing (+1 to hide and sneak in dim or dark conditions)

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