Normal Attribute: Agility

Agility – Agility describes a character’s ability to move with speed and balance, their hand-eye coordination, and the ability to move smoothly and surely. Agile characters are great at getting into difficult places and manipulating fine components.

Agility Skills

Acrobat – An acrobat can jump higher, run faster, and dodge quicker than unskilled characters. They are light on their feet and use that mobility to their best advantage. A skilled acrobat can leap over obstacles, soar between handholds, and duck under cover. Acrobat is the effect skill used to dodge an attack, cross difficult terrain, and perform athletic feats.

Craftiness – Crafty characters are legendary for their light fingers and ability to undo knots and escape traps. A crafty character can manipulate gaming cards, control the roll of the dice, and pick pockets through misdirection and sleight of hand. Craftiness is the effect skill to determine how well a character performs precision actions of all kinds.

Shoot – Blasters, bowcasters, stunners, and other guns all use the shooting skill. Skilled shooters draw faster and aim better than their opponents. They learn to anticipate a target’s movement and place shots both for best damage and to create other effects. Shoot is the action skill used to fire a weapon of any kind, including ship weapons.

Sneak – Sneaking around, hiding out, and getting into places unseen is the province of sneaky characters. Characters who sneak learn to take advantage of concealment, blend into the environment, and go unnoticed in general. Sneak is the action skill used to move through or into an area without being observed or tripping alarms and sensors.

Darth Maul is a character with a high Agility score. Whether he is leaping from catwalks or ledges, Maul isn’t bothered by heights or treacherous footing. Even on crowded Coruscant, Maul throws on a hood and slips by in the shadows. And why merely cross a room when you can somersault across it?

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