Normal Attribute: Tech

Tech – Tech is an important part of the Space Bricks universe. Buildings, gear, and vehicles need to be put together and reinvented as well as smashed into bricks and studs. Characters need to be able to use their creations as well. Tech-based characters will be able to operate vehicles, computers, and complex systems as well as create new things from component parts.

Tech Skills

Pilot – A good pilot can fly anything, from landspeeders to tramp freighters and every snub fighter in between. Skilled pilots learn to maneuver for best advantage in combat, dodge obstacles, and slip past blockades. Pilot is the action skill used to maneuver vehicles in and out of combat and through obstacle courses. Pilot is opposed by Pilot.

Build – Building new things out of basic bricks and studs is a foundational part of Lego stories. Master Builders know how to take the pieces of their world and transform them into something weird and wonderful. Build is the effect skill used to make gear, vehicles, and scenery. Build resists Smash.

Systems – Starships and space stations both use complex information handling systems to provide security and keep order. Systems is the action skill used to change the way something works without smashing and rebuilding it, and it is the skill used to run scanners and hack into computers. Systems is opposed by Systems.

Operations – Putting things together is one thing. Making it all work together is something else entirely. Master Builders need to be adept not only at using their own creations but in puzzling out the workings of mysterious objects. Operations is the effect skill used with a vehicle to resist damage and in the usage or disabling of a machine. Operations resists vehicle damage.

Anakin Skywalker is a character with a high Tech score. Anakin has been known to build droids and podracers from scraps and misfit parts. He’s never met an engine he couldn’t tinker with, and even though Master Obi-Wan hates flying, even he acknowledges that Anakin is the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy.

This game build for the OpenD6 Project is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International