Extranormal Attribute: The Force

The Force – The Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together, not unlike the locking studs on top of bricks. The Force enhances the connections between a character and the world around them. It is a powerful ally. Star Wars Lego has only one Extranormal attribute – The Force, though different traditions may call it by other names.

The Force Skills

The Force enhances all other attributes and skills by extending a character’s reach and connecting them more strongly with the world around them. The Force enables characters to use their other attributes and skills more effectively.

Reduce Range – The Force enhances the connections between all things. Having The Force enables a character to use skills without being in contact with their subject. Most skills normally have a range of touch. The Force enables touch skills to be used at point blank range with a -1D skill penalty, at short range with a -2D skill penalty, at medium range with a-3D skill penalty, at long range with a -4D skill penalty, and out of visual range with a -5D skill penalty. Every 1D of The Force used to Reduce Range removes 1D of skill penalty.

Augment – The Force can make characters faster, stronger, and more intuitive. The Force is considered a Related Skill for every other skill and attribute. A character may use The Force to augment another skill use or attribute check. If the check is reflexive, such as using Might to resist damage, using The Force causes a multi-action penalty because the rolls are made in the same turn. (Both The Force and Might would be at -1D penalty. This overrules the normal exception of resistance roll to multi-action penalties.)

Yoda is a character who is strong with The Force. The Force enhances everything Yoda does, enabling him to make tremendous leaps and wield his lightsaber with deadly skill. The Force provides Yoda with great insight into the minds of others, allowing him to exert a strong influence on the weak-minded.

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