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Kiselton, Riverside Town

Nestled upon the banks of the Durbin River is the town of Kiselton. With a population of over 1,000, it’s a booming trade center that relies upon its salt mines as a chief source of revenue. Like most settlements of its size, Kiselton has a ruling council and a mayor to perform the civic duties, such as appointing a sheriff, negotiating trade agreements, and collecting the taxes required to maintain the town’s dock, roads, defensive walls, and government buildings. Over the years, Kiselton has done well, attracting laborers to work in the mine for wages seldom seen in smaller villages or warrens. Along with the opportunity for greater earnings comes a broad range of entertainment, attracting more residents with a variety of talents to the riverside town. Its ease of access makes it a popular stopping place for travelers, caravans, and various touring merchants. Read the Full Article

Delmara, Forest-side Hamlet

Standing alongside a trade route is the small hamlet of Delmara. The ancient deciduous forest that edges the city provides the inhabitants with the material for housing, fuel, and trade. Carpenters, wainwrights, and shipwrights favor the ancient hardwood trees in the area, providing most of the 300 denizens with a valuable commodity for barter. Those in Delmara who are not foresters rely upon farms for their sustenance, selling their excess nuts, fruits, vegetables, and livestock at markets. Even though the hamlet is small, it’s situated upon a heavily traveled trade road, bringing many merchants to the settlement. In turn, Delmara’s solitary inn is quite successful and is a favored gathering point at sunset. Not even Bede Trowbryde, Delmara’s mayor, is immune to the appeal of the Forest Nymph Inn. Read the Full Article


Zoos became popular in the late nineteenth century as public attractions, even though they have been around in one form or another for centuries. Historically, a number of monarchs have kept private zoos, especially in Rome and the Far East. However, these zoos, as well as most nineteenth- century zoos, were not much more than rows of cages. Mortality rate of the animals, and handlers, was fairly high. Read the Full Article

Weapon Trial Area

Almost every cop movie or secret agent film has a scene on the firing range. Why? Because it’s a chance to show off new weapons, to highlight the character’s skill with firearms – or to show the skill of the bad guys. Weapons trial areas are important for anyone who works with firearms or experimental weapons, and any good cop, field agent, or soldier puts in regular hours at such a place. This gives them the chance to try different weapons, to perfect their aim and ease with their preferred weapon, and to get their weapons repaired if necessary. It’s also a good opportunity to see what other locals use, and how their aim is, which can give people an edge if they ever wind up trading bullets with each other. Read the Full Article


Few places are as evocative as a temple, particularly an ancient one. Whether large or small, ornate or spartan, these timeworn edifices are monuments to religion, faith, and dedication. Temples can be a refuge for the hunted and the lost, and a bastion against tyranny. Bur tl1ey can also be the source of tyranny, d1e headquarters of a religion determined to conquer and rule. Read the Full Article


Stadiums are fascinating places, particularly for people-watching. Often people go to a sporting event less to watch the event itself than to watch the other spectators. Young and old, rich and barely scraping by, families and loners: all sorts go to stadiums. Of course, the groups do segregate themselves, which is also interesting to watch-the rich buy box seats or front-row season tickets, while the working- class get seats up in the nosebleed section. Groups of college students or other young adults cluster together, usually in the cheap seats, while more elderly attendees huddle together in the back where they don’t have to walk far to their seats. Families often go with other families, creating a single Large mass, while loners find seats by themselves and sit curled up to avoid attracting attention. Read the Full Article


Traversing the vase depths of interstellar space, a spaceship is many things co its passengers and crew: safety, transportation, convenience, home. Available in a myriad of shapes and sizes constrained only by style, technology, and budget, the spaceship might house the foes of the players’ characters or serves them as a base of operations from which to explore the w1known. When used as an adventure location instead of a vehicle, the spaceship provides many exciting adventure possibilities. It might be the object of a search – buried under arctic ice, crash-landed in the jungle, or hidden in the depths of the sea. Or, it can serve as a means of bringing the adventure to the characters, with its alien crew contacting or abducting them. Read the Full Article