Carnivorous Fish

Barracudas are sleek fish chat dwell in warm, tropical waters but are sometimes found in temperate regions. These small scaled, nocturnal predators have two well separated dorsal fins. Their jutting lower jaw supports an enormous mouth that’s lined with many large, sharp teeth. They run from 1.2 to 1.8 meters in length and dine almost exclusively on smaller fish. Nearly 20 species offish belong to the barracuda family. All are typically bold, curious, dauntless creatures who have been known to attack swimmers and are attracted to shiny objects.

Piranhas lurk in South American waterways. They prefer to swarm victims and can strip flesh from a grown cow in a matter of minutes. These carnivores are not particularly finicky about what they ear and gladly feed on fish, diseased cattle, or people. The most common varieties get around 30 centimeters in length, though some types can get considerably bigger. Amazingly, some people have taken these fierce fish into their homes to keep as pets Extreme caution must be exercised, however, as even solitary piranha are aggressive, dangerous creatures. Natives often craft tools or weapons from their legendary razor-sharp teeth

Sharks prowled the seas before dinosaurs walked the earth and are still a nautical terror to be reckoned with These denizens of the deep can be found in all the world’s oceans, and some S\vim in fresh water. Their skeleton is completely made of cartilage and unlike bony fish, they have no swim bladder.

Typically, sharks are small in size-half of the known shark species are under a meter in length but some can grow to enormous lengths. The spined pygmy shark is no larger than a person’s hand, while whale sharks can run nearly 16 meters in length

Blue sharks are found in abundance. These prolific breeders are often fished for sport. The world record holder is 3.S meters in length and weighs 186 kilograms. Time has sculpted sharks to match their given role in the food chain. The varieties char hunt other sea creatures are sleek, torpedo-shaped hunters. Angel sharks are bottom feeders with flattened bodies. The thresher shark’s upper tail fin of is greatly elongated and is used to stun prey.

Predatory fish can add a dangerous element to locals and some horror through encounters with the remains of victims and the glimpses of vicious shadows. Characters could find themselves on a sinking ship traveling in shark-infested waters, crossing South American river teeming with piranhas, or diving where barracuda have been known to hunt.

Typical Barracuda

Reflexes 4D: brawling 5D , dodge 4D+2

Coordination 1D

Physique 5D: Swimming 5D+1

Knowledge 1D: navigation: local waters 4D+2

Perception 3D: search 4D, tracking 3D+2

Presence 2D: intimidation 3D

Strength Damage: 3D

Move: 15 (swimming)

Fate Points: 0

Character Points: 0

Body Points: 25

Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: bite (damage+ 1D;+ 5 to combat difficulty); quick to react (-2 to any surprise combat modifier); breathes in water; large size (scale value 0)

Typical Blue Shark

Reflexes 5D: brawling 7D

Coordination 1D

Physique 6D: stamina 7D, swimming 6D+1

Knowledge 3D: navigation: undersea 5D

Perccption3D: search 3D, survival 3D+1, tracking 4D

Presence 4D: intimidation 5D

Strength Damage: 3D

Move: 18 (swimming)

Fate Points: 0

Character Points: 0

Body Points: 28

Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: bite (damage +2D; +5 to combat difficulty); thick hide (Armor Value +2); breathes in water; large size (scale value 3)

Typical Red Piranha

Reflexes 6D: brawling 6D+1, dodge 6D+1

Coordination 1D

Physique 2D: swimming 5D+2

Knowledge 1D

Perception 1D: hide: self-only 2D+1, search 3D, survival 2D+1, tracking 2D

Presence 2D: intimidation 2D+2

Strength Damage: 1D

Move: 11 (swimming)

Fate Points: 0

Character Points: 0

Body Points: 16

Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: bite (damage +1D; +5 to combat difficulty); swarm attack (roll a single brawling total for the entire school; treat school as small scale value of 2; + 7 to damage total of successful swarm attack); size and coloring ( +1 bonus to dodge, sneak, and hide); breaches in water; small size (scale value 9)

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