Hive-Mind Aliens

The Augue, a type of hive-mind alien,
are very large, standing between 2.5 and
three meters in height when fully erect.
They weigh between 150 and 250 kilo-
grams and are immensely strong. They
can turn their torsos a full 7S degrees in
either direction, allowing them to respond
to attacks from any angle.

Their legs are powerful but thin. Their
arms are thick and strong, with six long,
thin fingers on each hand, four of which are
opposable.Their heads, which are hairless,
are about SO percent larger than a human’s
skull and have two distinguishable eyes, two
nose slits, and a mouth. Their ears consist of
six small openings running from eye orbit
to eye orbit. Their skin varies from dark
green to jet black; the darker the skin, the
older the crearure. They usually wear thin
silver or gray jumpsuits that covers them
from the neck to the knees.

The Augue are an aggressive, expansion-
istic race with a clan-based matriarchy.
Their queen alone produces the royal
offspring, since her egg sack contains both
male and female reproductive organs. The
royal offspring control all the day-co-day
activities of the ship, as the queen is almost
never seen and has no contact with non-
royal Augue. Warriors defend the hive
and are the primary means of subduing
planets. The warrior is fanatical and will
not retreat or surrender. The workers are
tasked with doing a specific job, and they
do it no matter the circumstances. They
don’t know how to fight, simply ignor-
ing any abuse to them as they attempt to
complete their jobs.

The royals come in three sexes: male,
females, and queens, though the females
are sterile. The warriors and the workers
are all cloned and sexless.

Once a queen offspring reaches maturity
and has produced her first royal offspring,
“the Swarming” happens, in which a hive
ship and its minimum complimenr of
warriors and workers are created for the
new queen and her royalty.

After a scout has gone into a system and
returns with its report, the Augue enter
with a huge hive ship that comains up ro
several million royals, warriors, and workers
and one queen. They swarm onro planets
and strip them of raw materials, leaving
behind dead, ravaged worlds. They have
no patience for diplomacy no matter what
is offered, and they leave no survivors in
their wake.

The royalty can operate without the
hives mind for up to a few days. Warriors
have limited intelligence and, except for
scouts, rapidly become disoriented if they
lose contact with the hive mind. (Scours
can operate oucside of the hive’s mental
range of one light-year, bur they die once
they return from their missions.) Work-
ers immediately become confused and
disoriented if they are disconnected from
the hive’s mentality; they die within five
minutes should it continue.

The great advantage of the Augue is the
interconnectivity of their minds, which
all feed into a central matrix controlled
by the queen. The queen and royals can
search out specific details, while che queen
decides what information is sent out to the
warriors and workers.

Typical Augue Warrior

Reflexes 5D: brawling 5D+1, climbing S5+1, jumping 5D+1, melee combat 5D+1
Coordination 2D+2: marksmanship 3D+2
Physique 5D: lifting 6D, running 4D+1, stamina 5D
Knowledge 1D+2
Perception 2D: search 4D, tracking 3D+2
Presence 1D+2: intimidation 4D, willpower 3D
Strength Damage: 3D
Move: 10
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Body Points: 25
Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages:Oevotion (R3), to hive;
Infamy (R3), as aggressive, expansionist
race; Enemy (R3), all intelligent species;
Quirk (R3), vengeful

Advantages: Size: Large (R1), scale value 1

Special Abilities: Combat Sense (R1),
surprise penalties reduced by 2; Environ-
mental Resistance (R2), +60 to Physique
or stamina checks to resist ill effects from
environmental conditions; Iron Will (R3),
+1D to wilpower with Burn-out (R1), only
when connected to hive mind

Equipment: body armor (Armor Value
+1D; provides full coverage); power gloves
(close combat damage +2D; ranged dam-
age 4D+2, range 10/20/30, 20 hours
of continuous use before needing to be

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