Normal Attribute: Wit

Wit – Wit describes a character’s charisma, attention to detail, and people skills. Most interactions with animals and other characters will depend on how they use their wits. Witty characters understand not only the relationships between others but how all things are connected.

Wit Skills

Bluster – Characters employ bluster to talk their way into and out of trouble, bluff their way through a blockade or a card game, and convince others that things aren’t quite the way they might seem to be. These characters are able to keep their cool under pressure and answer every question in a cool and collected manner. Bluster is the action skill used when two characters attempt to influence each other’s decisions and actions, or when one character attempts to influence a crowd. Bluster is opposed by Bluster.

Charm – Smooth operators seem to blend into any surrounding with ease and comfort. Charming characters have a strong personality and are able to more effectively exert their will on both crowds and individuals. Charm is the effect skill used when drawing a reaction from another character, either charming or frightening. Charm is resisted by Courage.

Courage – Heroes know what they believe and why they believe it. They have the courage of their convictions and the self-confidence that comes from a secure knowledge of their place in the world. Courage is the effect skill used to resist attempts to charm or frighten a character’s actions. Courage resists Charm.

Search – Adventures can depend on finding lost objects and spotting hidden items. Searching an area lets a character spot anything that is out of place or unusual. Search is the action skill used to locate hidden objects or people. Search is opposed by Sneak or by Thievery.

Han Solo is a character with a high Wit score. Even Princess Leia admits that Han has more courage than common sense. His combination of self-confidence and a winning smile inspires others to believe in his potential. He may or may not be quite as skilled at Sabacc as he thinks he is, but he still manages to talk his way out of trouble … every time.

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