Gruemor Planetary Surveyor Template

Species: Gruemor

Occupation: Planetary Surveyor

Agility 2D

Mechanical 4D

Strength 2D+1

Knowledge 3D+1

Perception 3D+1

Technical 3D

Funds 1D

Credits 175

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 2D

Move 10

Body Points 40

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 24-32

Wounded / 16-23

Severely Wounded / 8-15

Incapacitated / 4-7

Mortally Wounded / 1-2

Dead / 0

Equipment: hand comp with integrated camera; personal blaster (damage 30; range 4/ 8/ 12; shots 6).

Disadvantages: Hindrance (R2), uncoordinated: +2 to difficulties for acrobatics, melee combat, and sleight of hand; Quirk (R2), must make Difficult willpower or Knowledge roll to resist the urge to wander off to explore interesting areas; Poverty (Rl).

Advantages: none.

Special Abilities: Endurance (Rl ), + 30 to Strength or stamina checks when performing taxing physical casks; Omnivorous (Rl); Sense of Direction (Rl) +l D to navigation and search rolls.

Description: Your wanderlust kicked in before you found a mate. Now you’ve traveled so far from the home of your childhood, you’re not sure you’ll ever meet another Gruemor. No matter: You’ve been able to find enough people who want a talented planetary surveyor on their exploration trips. There’s plenty of work to keep you occupied. For now.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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