Stock Freighter

For those who aren’t into a customized model, this generic freighter can haul them around the galaxy without much trouble. Assuming the ship didn’t have any quirks when it was won in a poker tournament.

Crew: 4

Passengers: 8

Cargo: 135 cubic meters, including equipment, storage, and supplies

Life-Support Supplies: 5 months

In-System Drive

Move: 3 (space); 150 (atmosphere, 430 kph)

Maneuverability: +1D

Interstellar Drive Rating: 1.7; backup: 0.1

Weapons: 1 blaster cannon (forward arc, gunnery bonus +1D, range 3/12/25, damage 4D)

Hull Toughness: 3D

Atmosphere Capability: Yes

Armor: +1D

Shields: 0

Scale: 18

Length (approximate): 35 meters (can be of any shape desired, but includes many decks)

Total Cost (new): 90,000/Price Difficulty: 29

D6 Space Ships (WEG 51017), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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