Zeus Machina

This warship is intended to serve as a background feature or plot device. It has one or two weaknesses, which the Game Master selects and reveals at the appropriate time.

Crew: 36,000 (pilots, navigation, gunners, sensors, communication, repair, administration, and support staff)

Passengers: 9,000 (troops)

Cargo: 175,000 cubic meters, including equipment, storage, supplies, ground assault craft, shuttles, gunboats, and five squadrons of light fighters

Life-Support Supplies: 5 years

Weapons: 55 laser cannons (10 forward arc, 15 starboard arc, 15 port arc, 5 rear arc, 5 upper arc, 5 lower arc, gunnery bonus +4D, range 15/36/73, damage 5D); 15 sensor probe launchers (5 forward arc, 5 starboard arc, 5 port arc, gunnery bonus +2D, range 2/16/14); 8 tractor beams (4 forward arc, 2 starboard arc, 2 port arc, gunnery bonus +2D, range 5/15/30, damage 6D)

In-System Drive

Move: 6 (space)

Maneuverability: +1D

Interstellar Drive Rating: 2.0; backup: 0.2

Hull Toughness: 6D

Atmosphere Capability: None

Armor: +1D

Shields: +3D

Scale: 36

Length (approximate): 1,500 meters (can be of any shape desired, but includes many decks)

Total Cost (new): 500,000,000//Price Difficulty: 50020

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