Parapsychologists believe doppelgangers to be unique in the parapsychological world because they arc living spirits. In other words, although composed of the same energies as ghosts and poltergeists, they are not the produce of the spirit world, nor do they belong to one who is deceased. Doppelgangers are little known in a “natural” stare, and generally only become known when they impose themselves in the lives of victims. At that point, the damage they can cause is tremendous.

A doppelganger can take the shape of any ocher living being. It seems to have three distinct “phases” of growth, although there may be intermittent scares. The first is the shadow scare, where the doppelganger exists merely as a peripheral spirit. The victim may catch what she thinks is her reflection in the mirror, albeit slightly off, or her shadow might not quite match up with her actions.

The second is the puppet form, although who is the puppet is open to interpretation Here the doppelganger exists as an entity only the victim is aware of, usually offering advice. At this stage, the victim may think the doppelganger-who appears identical to the victim is merely “the man in the mirror” taken to an extreme; the ideas it proposes are seldom so outlandish as to be against some aspect of his personality. This advice can be good or bad, helpful or wicked.

This second scare may be briefer skipped entirely for the third: independence. Ac chis stage the doppelganger exists entirely independent of the victim. Although some doppelgangers are benign or merely mischievous (or occasionally even helpful), once they arc independent they arc usually harmful, duping friends and loved ones … usually for sinister purposes. Depending on the victim’s status or resources, these “evil twins” can destroy scores of lives by their actions. These deeds can be as direct as killing the victim’s loved ones, or as subtle as fostering discord in a community. If the doppelganger is nor stopped, it usually ends the process by disappearing leaving the victim to pick up the pieces of his life-or killing the victim and assuming his place in the world.

Once a doppelganger achieves independence, it can evolve itself beyond the limitations of the victim. For example, a chemist named Dr. Jekyll released his doppelganger, which rapidly evolved into a distinct and lecherous individual one whose powerful body bore little resemblance to the mousy scholar. What motivates or fuels the spirit is unknown. These actions are usually antithetical to the desires of the victim in some fashion, especially in its later stages.

However, this does not necessarily translate to “evil”; an English miser was replaced by his doppelganger and became a paragon of generosity. Although the prevailing theory is chat doppelgangers usually represent dark desires made manifest, there are plenty of ocher theories, such as “time echoes” of alternate people who cross over and assume the new life. There are few reliable accounts of doppelgangers without a victim, although it is at least possible for free-roaming specimens to exist. Such a spirit would be non-distinctly humanoid, comprised of a similar blob by form to more advanced ghosts. Although a typical doppelganger lives our its life with one victim (and moves out of its indistinct form to a specific one quickly), a doppelganger who targeted multiple people would probably have an unfocused form that it periodically cakes. Regardless, a doppelganger never has a shadow or reflects in mirrors.

Some theorize that everybody has a doppelganger, but only in select people are they able to manifest. Others discount this possibility, if only to retain enough comfort for sleep at night.

Typical Doppelganger

Reflexes 3D: brawling 4D, dodge 4D, sneak 4D

Coordination 3D

Physique 3D

Knowledge 3D

Perception 3D

Presence 3D: charm 5D, command 5D, con 5D, disguise 5D, intimidation 5D, persuasion 5D, willpower 6D

Strength Damage: 2D

Move: 10

Fate Points: 0

Body Points: 19

Character Points: 4

Wound levels: 3

Disadvantages: Quirk (R1), doesn’t cast shadows or appear in mirrors and has no chance to overcome chis; Quirk (R2), strong desire to affect life of victim whose formic is assuming (Difficult willpower roll to avoid doing so)

Advantages: none

Special Abilities: Intangibility (R3), +9D to damage resistance score against physical and energy attacks; Invisibility (R 14), + 14 to dodge, sneak, and hide totals; Longevity (R1); Master of Disguise (R2), +5 bonus to disguise rolls and +2D to all Presence rolls related to a disguised form; Shapeshifting (R6), any humanoid shape with Restriction (R1) prefers to remain in one mimicked form until it fulfills its goals (Moderate willpower roll to change shapes)

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