Gargantuan Mobile Vegetables

There are few things in existence that shake up the status quo quite like plants capable of rapid self-locomotion. Though increasing size and the tendency of plants to grow toward sunlight or other necessary factors are a type of movement, these processes are so gradual and difficult to perceive on a moment-to-moment basis that most people do not consider it movement per se.

The development of mobile vegetables is a mystery to say the least. Paired as it often is with other remarkable features, most notably enormous size, this quality is most frequently associated with radical genetic mutation. As with other mutations, radiation is the most common impetus, but f their simpler genetic composition makes plants more alterable than higher life forms.

Radioactive material harvested from, if records are to be believed, the corpse of a mutated dinosaur were developed into experimental chemical compounds chat botanists in Kyoto, Japan, used on plant life. The results were quite spectacular, culminating with a plant capable of movement via several large, meter-thick tentacles. The two-story tall rhododendron could constrict its tentacles with prodigious strength; it utterly destroyed the botanical garden in which it was created before escaping into the wild. Ironically, it was found destroyed a short time later, bearing wounds similar to those inflicted by the creature whose corpse was alleged to have given the plant life.

ln a separate incident occurring within the continental United States, a scientist working on developing new and extremely efficient fertilizers, ostensibly in the course of research intended to end world hunger, succeeded in designing numerous vegetable species of extraordinary size. Inexplicably, the vegetables also possessed a rudimentary intelligence and murderous intent. They soon killed the doctor and ran rampant through the town in which he lived. These murderous vegetables moved through unknown means and were capable of incredible speed, which they used to pursue prey and then crush them beneath their considerable weight. This incident received some news coverage, but it was largely discounted as coo ludicrous to be true and was soon made into a low-budget horror movie that achieved a cult following.

Mobile vegetables rarely move quickly, achieving the pace of a brisk walk at best and a slow crawl at worst. Many also gain abilities in addition to mobility, possessing appendages that can reach and grasp with deadly effectiveness. Others that do not have tendrils rely on their sheer size and weight to defeat any foe that attacks them. Sensory perception is a mystery for such entities, as few if any ever develop any discernible organs for such things.

Typical Mobile Vegetable

Reflexes 1D: brawling 4D+2, climbing 3D+1
Coordination 1D
Physique 4D: running 6D
Knowledge 1D
Perception 2D: survival 2D+2
Presence 1D
Strength Damage: 2D
Move: 8
Fate Points: 0
Character Points: 1
Body Points: 22
Wound levels: 3

Natural Abilities: crush (may attempt to roll over with a brawling attack; if successful, the prey is knocked to the ground and the plant inflicts Strength Damage +2D); entangle (may attempt to seize a prey in one of its vines with a grapple attack; if successful, the prey is held there until he succeeds at two successive contested Physique rolls; trapped opponents suffer -2D to all physical actions, including attempts to break free); constriction (entangled prey suffer 3D+2 damage per round); multiple tendrils (may attack once per round per tendril; have a number of tendrils equal to 2 plus its scale value); immune to diseases and poison; do not need to breathe; weakness to cold and fire (receive +2D damage from these attacks); large size (scale value 5)

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