Gilvahn Prospector Template

Species: Gilvahn

Occupation: Prospector

Agility 2D

Mechanical 3D

Strength 3D+2

Knowledge 2D+2

Perception 3D

Technical 3D+2

Funds 3D

Credits 525

Fate Points 1

Character Points 5

Strength Damage 2D

Move 10

Body Points 37

Wound Level / Body Points Range

Stunned / 22-29

Wounded / 14-21

Severely Wounded / 7-13

Incapacitated / 3-6

Mortally Wounded / 1-2

Dead / 0

Equipment: handy spanner ( + 1D bonus o relevant repair rolls; reduces darkness modifiers by 30 (9) in flashlight mode); mining laser (damage 4D; range 5/10/- ; shots 30); spare energy cell (50 shots); enviro-suit.

Disadvantages: Achilles’ Heel: Low Gravity(R3), + 1 to all Agility difficulties in a gravities of 1 g or less; Quirk (R2), must make a Difficult willpower roll to avoid becoming mesmerized by shiny raw minerals or metals.

Advantages: none.

Special Abilities: Hardiness (R4), +4 to damage resistance totals; Skill Bonus: Vehicle Tech (R1 ), + 1 to exoskeleton repair, flight systems repair, and vehicle repair rolls.

Description: You live for the thrill of discovering new metal and mineral deposits. You’ve amassed quite a collection of specimens. You probably would’ve located m:my more by this time, but you sometimes find yourself simply staring at shiny crystals and metals for hours.

D6 Space Aliens, Volume I (WEG 51022), © 2005 Purgatory Publishing Inc.
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