Once considered the height of sin and shunned by so-called proper society, casinos are now seen as a lawful if not quite yet respectable source of revenue for many civic entities. They can be fow1d in many U.S. states, especially on Native American reservations, where the added income is (theoretically, at any rate) channeled into education and other social programs. Despite protests co the contrary by local law enforcement officials, organized crime has a connection (however distant) to every casino operated outside of the reservations (and probably has a hand in those, too). Some casinos are dark, dingy, rather depressing places full of cigarette smoke, noisy gaming machines, and desperate-looking, glassy-eyed patrons chat mechanically place bets as if they’ve never known another life. Ocher casinos are clean, relatively smoke-free, and achieve at least the illusion of energy and opportunity with bright lights and flashing and pinging machines.

Don’t Miss …

The Bar None Casino’s main entrance, designed in Western cattle-ranch style, welcomes visitors into a clean, wholesome-appearing facility that seems honest and law-abiding. An attractive hostess suggests games based on short, simple questions disguised as friendly small talk, and the club always scores well on customer satisfaction surveys. The casino’s three main gambling halls each have a different cowboy theme, but all are filled with tables for card- and dice-related games of chance, as well as roulette tables and rows of slot machines crafted to fit each room’s style. The Round-up Room is decorated with cattle-drive motifs and serves fresh hamburgers and steaks prepared on the premises. The Dry Gulch Room resembles a Hollywood-inspired Wild West saloon, with costumed croupiers and servers and period music delivered by a player piano. The Cavalry Room imitates a frontier U.S. Army fort on the high plains, and features clips from westerns projected on movie screens suspended above the bar.

For those less inclined to gamble but still desiring Wild West ambience, the casino’s Bar None Bar serves light drinks and appetizers amid autographed Western movie memorabilia and photographs donated or on loan from actors and recording artists. The management offices, located well away from public areas of the casino, include one dedicated to security monitors, which are linked to dozens of cameras hidden throughout the facility. Off-duty police supplement the casino’s full-time security guards and assist with public relations issues, such as politely asking professional gamblers and lucky winners to consider retiring to the restaurant for a meal and drinks “on the house.”

Things to See

+ Comfortably padded stools

+ Cigarettes, cigars, and ashtrays

+ Poker chips in red, white, and blue

+ Legal tender (bills, coins, or “credit” cards)

+ Metal payout coins with the casino’s logo on them or slips of white paper with a payout printout on them (post-2000)

+ Alcoholic drinks or soda pop in glasses on trays or small tables

+ Playing cards with backs bearing the casino’s logo + Dice about an inch on the side in clear red, green, or blue with white pips

+ Small pencils in cups for filling out lotto cards

+ Croupier’s stick for gathering in chips

+ See the “Bar/Nightclub” and “Restaurant” en- tries for ideas on what to include the dining areas

People to Meet

Casino owners and employees have 2D in each attribute, with 2D+1 in business, 2D+1 to 2D+2 in sleight of hand, and 2D+1 to 3D in gambling. For bartenders, see the “Bar/Nightclub” entry. For security guards hired by the casino, use the attributes and skills of the thug or security guard.

Card Dealer: Reflexes 2D, brawling 2D+1, Coordination 2D+2, sleight of hand 3D, Physique 2D, Knowledge2D+1, business 2D+2, scholar: gambling 3D, Perception 2D+l , gambling 3D, investigation 2D+2, Presence 2D+l , charm 3D, con 3D. Move: 10. Strength Damage: 1D. Body Points: 10. Wound levels: 2.

Things to Do

+ A rash of underworld killings tips off police to a civil war among members of a powerful mob family.

A notorious mob boss, father of the owner of the Bar None Casino, has been executing his lieutenants on suspicion of embezzling from his operation. They are fighting back, of course, and the organization is weakening so quickly that syndicate wolves from nearby cities are howling at the gates, ready to fight over the remains of the organization. Someone is stealing money, however, bur it is not the boss’s lieutenants. A rogue named Jost Pernhem has been using his telekinetic powers to manipulate the casino’s gambling tables and slot machines. He has so far made off with nearly half a million in winnings, too much for any one person to win in small games in only three weeks. While his takings have been substantial, Jost has merely been practicing for a much bigger job with serious and far-ranging implications. Not only is he psychically able to rig slot machines, he can also trip a handgun’s safety or pinch shut a small but crucial blood vessel feeding the brain ….

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