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Remote Outposts

The remote outpost can serve as a research station or a communications relay on an asteroid or moon. Add a small energy cannon, and it works well as a military defense station. It’s designed to work automatically, having no means of supporting life, though it needs periodic checking for refueling and maintenance.

Scout Ship

The military depends on scout ships for gathering information and transporting important couriers and some supplies. Megacorporations and independent adventurers use these ships for much the same reason. They are designed to be quick and agile, able to get their crews out of trouble as quickly as they got into it. Those with interstellar drives and long-term supplies can patrol the wastes of space for years.

Strike Fighters

These ships represent two different versions of a hard-hitting strike fighter used primarily for offense rather than defense. The first has moderate weapons and no atmospheric capabilities, while the second, though slower, has interstellar capabilities, totes bigger guns, and can swoop down to planets.