Galaxy’s Wings

An interstellar cruise ship and transport vessel, the Galaxy’s Wings offers a means of getting around the universe without purchasing an entire ship. The vessel is one of many in its corporation’s fleet. It offers numerous amenities, such as exercise and sports rooms, theaters, shopping, restaurants, and more. It has a strict schedule and visits only the most popular planets. This is partly for safety (it has minimal armaments and thus sticks to patrolled space) and partly for economic reasons.

Crew: 17,100 (pilots, navigation, gunners, sensors, communication, repair, administration, support staff, and guest service staff)

Passengers: 1,000

Cargo: 11,000 cubic meters, including equipment, storage, supplies, and escape pods

Life-Support Supplies: 1 year

Weapons: 25 laser cannons (5 forward arc, 5 starboard arc, 5 port arc, 5 upper arc, 5 lower arc, gunnery bonus +1D, range 15/36/73, damage 5D)

In-System Drive

Move: 4 (space)

Maneuverability: 0

Interstellar Drive Rating: 1.2; backup: 0.1

Hull Toughness: 4D

Atmosphere Capability: None

Armor: +1D

Shields: +1D

Scale: 34

Length (approximate): 600 meters (can be of any shape desired, but includes many decks)

Total Cost (new): 80,000,000 credits/Price Difficulty: 8020

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